Zeenat Aman reveals she eloped with husband to Singapore for a low-key wedding: ‘My wedding was a discreet affair’ | Bollywood News

In her latest Instagram post, Zeenat Aman shared that she eloped with her husband to Singapore, where they had an intimate ceremony with just two witnesses.

Zeenat Aman weddingZeenat Aman shared details about her marriage in recent Instagram post. (Pic: Zeenat/Instagram)

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Zeenat Aman’s Instagram posts are a delightful treat for her fans, offering glimpses into her illustrious career and personal life. In her most recent post, Zeenat revealed an intriguing detail about her marriage and shared a valuable life lesson with her younger audience.

Reflecting on her elopement with her husband, Mazhar Khan, to Singapore, she said, “My own wedding to the father of my children was a discreet affair. We eloped and got married in Singapore in a low-key ceremony with just two witnesses. But as reserved as I am, I can’t deny the charm and exuberance of the ‘big Indian wedding.’ The food, the music, the colors, the festive atmosphere—it’s infectious. This picture of @zanuski, @carapiranha, and I was taken at a beautiful family celebration in Delhi last week.”

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Offering her perspective on the pressure, particularly through social media, to wear in expensive attire, Zeenat shared, “I’ll take this opportunity to let you in on a secret too. Most of the fancy designer outfits I wear on such occasions are borrowed. The jewelry I have on was loaned to me by Vimal from Argentum. And this powder-blue sharara was sent to me by my dear friend Mohini Chabria. It will be dry-cleaned and returned. I’m sharing this because I don’t want young people to feel pressured to buy new outfits or spend beyond their means just because they see celebrities in designer clothes. Whether you borrow, thrift, or buy, what matters is that you don’t break your bank and genuinely enjoy what you wear. And, of course, in my books, comfort is key! In fact, I’ve bid farewell to all my high heels.”

Zeenat recently made headlines for her collaboration with Janhvi Kapoor in a cellphone commercial. The ad showcases the two, dressed in black, embodying “iconic” as they strike poses for the camera, take selfies, engage in calls, and groove to music.

Zeenat married Mazhar Khan in 1985 and they were together till his death in 1998.

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First published on: 17-10-2023 at 19:46 IST

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