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Yonex is a Japanese company founded back in 1946 that has manufactured loads of badminton rackets and strings for years, which are of high quality and utilize unique technology and materials. Today’s NANOSPEED 6600 review will talk about a racket produced by this company in its Nanospeed racket series.

NANOSPEED 6600 YONEX Badminton (Racquet Unstrung)
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NANOSPEED 6600 YONEX Badminton (Racquet Unstrung)
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The NANOSPEED 6600 falls into the category of the most head-light rackets. It is designed to suit the needs of players who are naturally able to carry out fast swings and sharp attacking playing techniques. This racket allows quick swings and sharp offensive play through the incredibly light head.


This is a high-quality product that may just suit your racketing needs. Below are the key features that make this racket from Yonex so unique.


Key Features of the Yonex Nanospeed 6600&Review


String Tension

The maximum recommended string tension on the NANOSPEED 6600 is 24lbs which is the standard for the non-DX versions from the Yonex brand. You will invalidate your warranty if you string the racket beyond the recommendation. High string tension exposes the racket to immense pressure, and this may cause it to break. As you string any type of racket, it is essential to pay attention to the recommended string tension.


This racket is custom strung using the Yonex BG 65 strings. These strings are perfect for technical and control shots. Being a thick string, the Yonex BG 65 is very durable and thus cost-effective. Furthermore, the strings provide accurate shots.



This racket is quite attractive as it comes in gray, copper, orange, black and burgundy. This is a great break from the usual combination of black, red and white mix common in many rackets.



The weight of this products falls under the category of 3U, which means it has a weight of 87-89 grams. This makes it more maneuverable.


Head Shape and Materials

The square or isometric head shape of this racket is essential as it increases the surface area over which the shuttlecock will fall and hit excellently. The head is made from graphite and elastomer while the shaft is composed of High Modulus Graphite, Fullerene, and FX Plus vibration cap.


Maximum Elasticity

This racket delivers maximum elasticity to allow for larger and more apparent strikes. You won’t have a hard time using this device on the court.


NanoSpeed badminton rackets from Yonex are nano-powered using Fullerene to give them added repulsion and speed from compact strokes. This racket has not been left behind; it offers excellent speed and repulsion power.


Traditional construction of rackets used in badminton increases the thickness of fiber layers made of carbon or graphite for extra strength. This, unfortunately, leads to a weight increase in the frame making it hard to maneuver the racket. Luckily, Yonex has taken care of this issue by using nano-particle engineering process.


The nanostructure utilizes nano-sized particles of Fullerene and carbon. This nano-particle engineering process provides sensitive control over the molecular function of the materials used in construction.


However, the process proves beneficial as it creates a better molecular bond in the construction materials and establishes a stronger, thinner and more stable head-light racket that offers improved power and speed from compact shots.


FX Plus

This is a new hybrid material from Yonex used to deliver added elasticity for larger and clearer shots. The FX Plus vibration cap on the NANOSPEED 6600 helps to lessen the shock to the player’s hand. It is a great racket indeed!


LSC System

Just like the Yonex NanoRay 600 badminton racket, this racket also features an LSC System that creates a smooth and comfortable playing technique reducing vibrations and shock. LSC stands for Low Shock for Comfort.


The LSC System reduces the impact shock via the intrinsic shock absorption characteristics of elastomer. Arm comfort is significantly increased, and the shock impact is also reduced considerably. You end up with a comfortable and safe racket that makes your playing experience much more relaxed.


Isometric Solid Feel Core

Vibrations are quite annoying while playing badminton. Luckily, with this racket, you won’t have to worry about vibrations. The in-built solid feel core combats various harmful waves produced by the impact. This feature is seen in all rackets made in Japan.

Aero Frame

Everyone wants a racket that quickly cuts through the air and resists the drag. This racket gives you a quick and controlled string together with improved repulsion through the Aero Frame design. The Aero frame design helps in reducing air resistance to deliver faster swings.


In-built T-Joint

All top Yonex rackets have their heads joined to the shaft using an in-built T-Joint technology to lessen Lateral twisting of the racket while striking off-centered hits.


With those unique and excellent properties, this Yonex racket is bound to suit your racketing needs. It is elegant, stylish and performs highly. The whole item is made using unique materials that have attained top rankings.


Why is this product highly recommended?

This NanoSpeed racket has received quite a number of compliments from its users. Players are satisfied with the comfortable feel, power, and control provided by this head light racket. The flaws are very few.


Yonex has reduced the quantity of material required by the shaft for high-strength by controlling the performance of the material at the level of a nano-particle unit. The result is a NanoSpeed racket that has a thinner and stronger shaft. Every badminton player desires a thinner and stronger frame for fast racket maneuverability, and this racket is built just for this.


This head-light racket is renowned for touch plays, drop shots, slicing and check smashes. Defensive blocks are simple, and the racket moves fast to assist you in retrieving the opponent’s smashes.


Overall, it is a well-made product for its price. There are pros and cons to it, but it’s a supreme item that is highly recommended by many users.


Whom it suits best

This racket is best suited for advanced badminton players. This is due to the nano-particle engineering process that gives it sensitive control.


The flexible shaft of the NANOSPEED 6600 is suitable for players who require added assistance from the racket to produce sufficient power, particularly those who engage in touch games and thus prefer head-light rackets.



  • Uses the latest nano-technology to establish a more durable and powerful racket.
  • This is a light and very quick badminton racket.
  • FX Plus vibration cap reduces shock to the player’s hand.
  • The racket is easy to use.
  • It looks great.
  • Nano-particle engineering gives sensitive control.
  • Highly elastic for added performance.



  • Head-light rackets sometimes create an illusion that the player is striking the shuttle with added force because the previous racket weighed more.
  • Racket lacks some punch when hitting the return, or raising to rear court once more.
  • Quite costly. It is in the top three of the Nanospeed series in terms of cost.
  • The grip is too small for some players.


One downside of a head-light racket is that sometimes you get an illusion that you are hitting the shuttle with more force since the previous racket weighed more. The muscles are already accustomed to operating at a specific rate to strike the shuttle. The less head heavy racket means your muscles, performing at this rate, will produce more speed, and thus more power.


However, on a number of occasions, this effect doesn’t last for long. With time, the muscles become less active and thus, after the racket speed has reduced, you don’t generate extra power.


Other better alternatives to this racket are deemed to be the Nano 990 and 850.


Final Verdict

Without a doubt, this is a great racket suitable for intermediate and advanced players. It looks fantastic with its shiny orange color. Being head-light, the racket is easy to use and offers you quick swings. Furthermore, nano-technology has been used in this Yonex racket to give you a thinner and stronger racket shaft. You can’t go wrong with this racket.


Touch plays are excellent with it and drop shots, slicing and check smash are easy and crisp. This racket is highly recommended for badminton plays that require added power. Head-light rackets are best suited for advanced players who can establish quick swing speeds and need control.


Due to the nano-technology, the racket is quite durable. High durability means you will not have to replace your racket in a short while and thus save a lot of money.


The Yonex technology and materials used to make this item are states of the art. From the LSC System, FX Plus, Aero Frame, and the Fullerene, this is a well-made badminton racket that deserves a try.


That was it from our perspective of the Nanospeed 6600 review. Let us know your comments in the comments section below!

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