Yonex Nanoray 900 Badminton Racket Review!

Suitable For: Intermediate & Advanced
Suitable For: Intermediate & Advanced


  • This one is a perfect racket for both defense and offense.
  • It’s relatively light.
  • Again the isometric head shape is there to provide you larger sweet spot. That means this racket forgives your miss-hit in most of the cases. 
  • It’s a headlight racket. Therefore, you are going to get reasonable control from this racket, which any intermediate and advanced player crave for.
  • This racket is perfect for doubles because of the headlight attributes. 
  • It’s stiff. This makes it even easier to control.
  • You can control the racket with a significant amount of accuracy. 
  • It offers an excellent frame response.
  • It’s an ideal racket for playing on the net
  • This one is genuinely ideal for flat games. 
  • If you are an aggressive player, then you are going to like this racket as it’s designed explicitly for the fast drive and dominate your opponent. 
  • It comes with quality headcover. 


  • This model is not the right choice for a beginner at all.
  • You will get very little power support from this. However, if you have proper technique and you can generate your own power using your wrist and forearm, then this is not an issue by any means.
  • Playing drop shots is a tad difficult because of the low balance point. 

Nanoray 900 is another quality production from Yonex that has been accepted by several good players, including Indonesian Mohammad Ahsan and Hendra Setiawan.

The Nanoray 900 is a 3U, G4 style racket. That means it’s light and offers a big grip. The grip is nicely cushioned for the sake of comfortable holding. 

This is considered to be a king of drive racket that has an excellent color combination for my likings. The look is very classy and elegant, and it features a matt finish.

The shaft is made from high modulus graphite and X-fullerene. In short, these materials increase stability and repulsion power.

The frame implements Nanometric technology. 

The head design is something that I must mention here. Yonex made the upper and lower part of the racket thick and stiff; at the same time, the middle inner part is flexible. This makes the head to hit the shuttle downwards at a steeper angle. 


As a whole, this version of Nanoray 900 is a perfect racket for both singles and doubles games. Both aggressive and defensive players will find this racket a handy weapon to dominate the opponent.

The price is reasonable too.

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