Will Cam Thomas or Lonnie Walker IV fill Seth Curry’s role?

particle for direct object Brooklyn Nets They’re in an interesting spot right now as they’ve seemingly transitioned a roster from one that contended for a championship to one where progression is the name of the game. This does not mean that the players like Mikal bridges And Nick Claxton Not qualified, but more about how much Brooklyn has lost in the last six months.

To begin, Kevin Durant And Kyrie Irving, the last remaining superstar from the era, was traded at the February deadline last season. The moves brought an influx of young talent in Bridges and Cam Johnson along with veterans Spencer Dinwiddie And Dorian Finney Smith To part with Claxton and Royce O’Neill.

However, this summer, the organization lost a group of shooters Joe Harris And Seth Carey. The team did its best to make up for the lost talent by adding players like, shooting and talent Dennis Smith Jr. And Lonnie Walker IV.

Cam Thomas, the microwave scorer, entering his third season, is one player looking for a bigger role and could replace Seth Curry as the sixth/seventh man off the bench. The question is: Can he beat Walker IV? Steve Lichtenstein from Steve’s newsletter Recently wrote that it will be an interesting competition. Let’s break it down.

The Case of Cam Thomas

Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

Thomas has been in the NBA for two seasons now, and it looks like he might be ready for a bigger role on the team as the main scorer off the bench. Over the past two seasons, he has produced tremendously whenever he has received starting minutes. However, despite this, Thomas seems to have struggled to carve out a consistent role in the rotation, so one may wonder if his role is as safe as it seems. What can’t be denied is that Thomas is a 30-point game waiting to happen.

The case of Lonnie Walker IV

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Walker IV comes in with more experience than Thomas and sees his role change from being one of the main players in the game. San Antonio Spurs To role play with Los Angeles Lakers. Walker IV appears to be better in a supporting role, but given how he played for the Lakers last season as a scorer off the bench, it appears that Walker IV is signed as a player for Brooklyn.


Based on what is invested in each player, Thomas’ chances to fill the role of Seth Curry are based on his ability to score the basketball. While Thomas lacks in other areas, he could provide the offense the Nets may need to win enough games to be in the playoff picture in the Eastern Conference. However, Walker IV will be in the same role as Thomas once training camp begins.

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