Why Madison Molock was a tennis natural from birth. Meet her and the all-area tennis team

Madison Molock’s journey with a racket started when she was a few months old. Her parents, Dwayne Molock & Ebony Evans-Molock, picked up the hobby months after she was born.

By three years old, it was time for Madison to join the family pastime. It was the start of a love that would bring the Molock’s years of adventure.

“One of the first things we asked the coach is how we can make Madison a great tennis player,” Dwayne said.

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The Molocks’ tennis coach recommended three things to make Madison a natural on the tennis court: make sure she can throw, catch, and kick a soccer ball. Throwing and catching simulate the hand eye coordination you need to hit a tennis ball. The soccer skills translates into the footwork needed to make quick cuts on the court.

Madison was in a stroller when her blueprint to dominate was set before her.

At four years old, she competed in her first tournament at the Ocala Country Club when she wasn’t the undefeated district champion type of talent that she’d become.

The ball bounced a few more times than allowed on her side of the court, but you could tell she was happy to be there. Madison kept it competitive, against an opponent who was two years older than her.

Since starting her career, she’s played up an age group. It’s no surprise she’s risen to the top player in the county in her second year as a varsity tennis player.

“I’ve been knowing Madison since she was four years old at Fort King Tennis Center,” Forest High School head coach Lori Croy said. “So even before she began playing for Forest, I was looking forward to her coming to our team because I knew what type of player she was, and I knew how much effort she put into her tennis.”

At five years old, she won her first tournament. By seven years old, she knew she wanted to be Marion County tennis player of the year.

As an eight-year-old, Madison was competing in tournaments around the state. That’s when she learned what it took to become a top-tier player. Those tournaments were filled with boys and girls as hungry and talented as her.

Flash forward to the present day, Madison is a three-star recruit, according to the Tennis Recruiting Network. In the national Tennis RPI, she comes in at 325th in the class of 2025.

Ohio State University and Cornell are two Division I programs keeping a close eye on the young phenom. Plus, she’s beaten her dad, Dwayne, in every match since she was nine.

“We definitely feel like the future is bright,” Dwayne said. “She definitely plans on winning that state title after seeing what the setup is like and the talented players from around the state.”

Ocala Star-Banner 2022 All-County Girls Tennis Team


  1. Madison Molock, Forest – undefeated district champion, State Qualifier

  2. Irene Bonilla Gomez, West Port – 6-3 at #1 singles, MCIAC runner up

  3. Jordana Tico, West Port – 4-1 at #2 singles, MCIAC champ

  4. Briana Gardcia, West Port – 3-1 at #3 singles, MCIAC champ

  5. Veronica Fargoso, Vanguard – 2-0 at #1 singles and 3-0 at #4 singles, MCIAC champ


  1. Madison Molock & Evangeline Ryan, Forest – 8-1 at #1 doubles, MCIAC Champ

  2. Veronica Fargoso & Ryleigh Cribbs, Vanguard – MCIAC champion

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