Why does Draymond choose Curry, not Magic, as the best point guard in history?

Why does Draymond choose Curry, not Magic, as the best point guard in history? It appeared first NBC Sports Bay Area

Pick your spot God: Magic Johnson or Steph Curry?

Choosing the best point guard of all time may seem difficult Draymond Greenwho must choose between his colleague at Michigan State and his old one Warriors teammate. not much.

“It’s pretty easy for me,” Green said During an interview on ESPN “NBA Today“which aired on Tuesday.

Curry The discussion of God’s point ignited During a recent appearance on Gilbert Arenas’ “Gil’s Arena” podcast.

“Are you the best point guard ever?” Arenas asked.

Kerry said: Yes. “It’s me and Magic. That’s the conversation.”

Due to the difference in eras and playing styles, it is difficult to have this conversation. Both players are instrumental in changing the game of basketball: Johnson with his all-around skill set and versatility as a taller point guard, and Curry with his shooting prowess as the league’s biggest outside threat.

Each has impressive resumes, and Curry is slated to one day join Johnson in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. Johnson was a three-time MVP, a nine-time first-team All-NBA selection and a five-time NBA champion. Curry is a two-time MVP, a four-time All-NBA selection and a four-time NBA champion.

With 10,141 assists, Johnson is seventh in NBA history. Curry is the league’s all-time leader in 3-pointers made with 3,390 and more.

While Johnson, along with Larry Bird, peaked the popularity of basketball in the 1980s, Curry helped change the style of play league-wide by revolutionizing the NBA’s 3-pointer.

That last point played heavily into Green’s decision for the top guard.

“What Steph Curry has done to the game of basketball, which I think is even bigger than what you’ve done to the game, what he’s done to the game of basketball. … Like, how could he not? Green said.

Earlier this year, Green called the Steph-Magic debate “lazy” over positional changes in basketball.

“I think it’s lazy to compare the two,” Green said. In an episode of his podcast “The Draymond Green Show”. “As I think there are only five positions in basketball, it’s lazy. We all talk about positionless basketball, right? It’s a lazy term. I think it’s all lazy. Steph Curry and “Magic Johnson, if you watch those two play. Basketball, you probably wouldn’t say they’re the same situation. Without understanding the situations, if you just watch them play, you probably wouldn’t say they’re the same situation.”

At that time, Green also offered a simple solution to this debate.

“I think they’re both goats,” he said. “Both of them are the greatest point guards of their era.”

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