What will James Harden’s role be in the Clippers?

Yahoo Sports NBA writer Vince Goodwill Joined by The Athletic’s Law Murray Don’t Lie Ball podcast. talking about James Harden’s request to Year 76 Head of basketball operations, Daryl Murray, will be assigned to him Los Angeles Clippersand discuss how Harden fits on a team Kawhi Leonard And Paul George.

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Video transcript


Vincent Sargafli: Do you understand or agree with the passion for James Harden? What I’ve heard is, hey, James has talked to Paul and Kawhi, and they’re all kind of on the same page. Is he the best type of innings pitcher, you know what I mean?

Long reliever where he’s going to eat the innings, he’s going to eat the games, eat the usage while you can nurse Kawhi and Paul and hopefully get them to April where I hope they’re healthy. And you can give James some power and leave it up to two playoff players.

Love Murray: James Harden is an ideal addition to this team’s roster. This team has a lot of rotation players. They have a lot of the same type of power forward. Therefore, the acquisition of James Harden requires the stabilization of some players who have aged a little. And it illuminates a matter of depth. This is crazy, man. We were literally talking –

Vincent Sargafli: Too deep, right?

Love Murray: Yes, we were talking about a team that was very deep. And you’re thinking how is this anything but a good problem? Well, it turns out that when you cast the wrong people, you find the wrong fits, and you literally can’t play your third players that you’re paying $10 million for, that’s a problem. And this is a counter problem. It became a coaching problem, right?

So, if you find a guy in James Harden, you make it. Injuries separate teams from playoff spots and not even making the playoffs. And that affects the Clippers, the West’s oldest team, the team that everyone looks to their narratives and predicts will challenge Paul and Kawhi.

You bring in a guy like James, and it takes the load off everybody. James Harden has his own availability issues. But it’s different when you’re asking James to essentially be third on the offensive line behind a guy like Kawhi and behind a guy like Paul. Russell Westbrook also has a relationship with James and a relationship with Kawhi and Paul that you can handle.

And then it comes to another section, it will be for a year. They can’t extend James if they get him in a trade. So everyone will be like we are all in the same year. And everything else is everything else. James will be a free agent, Paul, Kawhi. We will have to see what happens this season before camp. Russell Westbrook is on a contract where he can opt out in 2024. Everyone is playing for the same thing.

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