What made the Minnesota Timberwolves trade Kevin Garnett to the Boston Celtics?

Fans of Boston Celtics Can tell you how the business brought the Hall of Fame Kevin Garnett to the Celtics from Minnesota TimberwolvesBut if you were to ask many Boston fans what exactly made the T-Wolves pass up a player of KG’s caliber, you might not get that specific of an answer.

And frankly, there was a lot going on for Garnett to leave Minnesota. But one incident, in particular, can be seen as a symbol of the dysfunction leading up to it Big tickets One-way trip to Boston from Minneapolis in summer 2007.

That was the disaster that caused the Joe Smith acquisition to fail, a series of events that landed the Wolves in hot water in the league and set the tone for KG’s move to the Celtics.

To hear the full story for yourself, check out this great account from the folks behind The Score YouTube channel.

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