Warriors owner Lacob talks Chris Paul trade, Kerr extension

NBA Summer League 2022 - Golden State Warriors - San Antonio Spurs

NBA Summer League 2022 – Golden State Warriors – San Antonio Spurs

The end of a championship run in the Bay Area appears to be near. Bob Meyer, general manager and architect of the Warriors Championship, is out. Stephen Curry Still one of the game’s elite players, but how long will he be at that level at age 35? Draymond Green is 33 years old (and with a $100 million contract extension), Klay Thompson Also 33 years old and some of them have been slowed by a few big injuries. To bolster that group and make another run at a ring, the Warriors have brought in a 38-year-old. Chris Paul.

Warriors co-owner Joe Lacob spoke about the future of the organization Tim Kawakami of The Athletic On your podcastAnd that included asking about a potential contract extension for Thompson (he’ll be a free agent in July, but will have to take a pay cut from the $42.3 million he’ll make this season).

“We’ve had some very brief discussions with his agent at this point. But they’re very, very early. … I fully expect that we’ll have substantive talks soon and we’ll see if we can’t do something together that will “Klay’s going to be here for a long time, which we obviously want him to be.”

The same goes for Kerr’s contract extension, who is in the final year of his contract.

“We’ve talked to his people again, like the overall situation,” Lacob said. “Too soon. There’s plenty of time. Steve is just like Clay, we want Steve to be here for a long time. A Hall of Fame coach, we really value him. And I’m sure we can do something. This is for It is fair to both sides.”

The warriors announced their call Send money to Jordan And bringing in Chris Paul — they’re all figuring it out this season (even if more than a few things have to go their way for that to happen). That strikes a chord with Lacob and other Golden State owners, who admitted the Warriors will face $400 million in payroll and luxury taxes this season (Spotac is currently estimating Warriors payroll plus luxury tax bill of $395.4 million). However, with CP3 in the final guaranteed year of his contract, Thompson will likely take a pay cut. Andrew Wiggins Salary reduction from this year with his extension and money money
Lacob suggested the Warriors should be able to reach the dreaded second tax bracket in the 2024-25 season.

Lacob also admitted that he — like many fans and pundits — should welcome the idea of ​​adding Paul to the Warriors.

“Chris Paul, when I first heard this and thought about it, was it really? It’s unlikely we’re going to do it,” Lacob said. But the more we thought about it, the more we considered our options, the more we realized he’s a great player, he’s always made other people better. He hasn’t won a championship, maybe he can do it with our group. “We kind of embraced that idea, and the more we processed it, the more we thought it really made sense — at least for the short to medium term.”

Lacob’s Warriors went all out and entered the postseason in the mix for championship contention. Our partner Bet MGM It has them with the sixth-best odds to win the NBA title next season (+1,200). The older players need to stay healthy, Thompson needs to step up from his injury, CP3 needs to adjust to a team that plays a very different style, but the Warriors need to be considered in the mix.

The pivot is coming for the franchise, but the Warriors are now focused on winning one more game and working with the rest of them next.

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