Vítor Murta: «Bozeník is a better player than Musa» – Boavista

Boavista leader says he could have sold the Slovak international on the last day of the market

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On the Axadrezado Podcast, Vítor Murta told several stories from the recent market, starting by revealing that Boavista was very close to selling Bozeník, noting that the Slovak international “is better than Musa and will still make a lot of money”.

“On the last day of the market we had the opportunity to sell Bozenik and the money was enough to pay for all the impediments, but we no longer had time to go to the market to buy a player with the same value. Bozeník will bring in much more money in the winter market “He’s an excellent player and even now he was in the Slovak national team. He’s a better player than Musa”, he noted, remembering Benfica’s Croatian striker who also shone at Bessa.

“Bozeník has fantastic characteristics. We bought his rights for 850 thousand euros, when the option clause was two million euros. All the forwards with Petit score a lot of goals, as happened with Musa and Yusupha. Bozeník will also score a lot of goals and in December we can sell him for much more”, noted the president of Boavista, also clarifying the transfer of Ricardo Mangas, who was sold to V. Guimarães for 900 thousand euros.

“Ricardo Mangas was a good deal. It was the best proposal we had. For that position we had a player that we want to promote this season. It would have been a bad deal if Mangas had been playing and scoring 20 goals. It seems like he isn’t even playing play, I haven’t even seen his club’s games. I know he wanted to go to the Champions League, it seems like he isn’t even playing in the Europa League or the Conference League, I don’t even know…”, joked Vítor Murta.

By Antonio Mendes


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