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Victor rackets have existed for decades, and many users appreciate the quality. This might sound too salesy, but prominent badminton players in the world use Victor rackets. Plus, it is definitely worth the money. With that said, let’s step on the Victor Brave Sword 1600 review.Table could not be displayed.


This racket is fully equipped to play a challenging game and is suitable for both amateurs and professional badminton players. It utilizes some impressive and unique technologies which are namely: Sword, Inner Waves, Shockless, and nanotechnology.


The racket is available in white, black and blue. The total length is 675mm, and it provides you with a grip size of G5.


In this article, we take a more in-depth look at this racket to help you see why it is among the best rackets in the market.

Victor Brave Sword 1600 Badminton Racket Review

High-quality rackets are always made using unique features to offer a high performance to badminton players. When purchasing a racket, most people pay attention to the product specifications to determine what is best suited to their needs. Below are some of the main features of the Victor racket.


Racket Shape

The shape of a racket is crucial as it plays a vital role in the performance. The Victor Brave Sword is a head-heavy racket that has an isometric head shape. The isometric form is essential as it increases the surface area of the racket for the shuttlecock to land and hit effectively. The arrangement of the strings also complements the shape of this racket.

Materials and Weight

Materials used in construction usually determine the weight of a racket. Graphite and resin are the primary materials that have been used in making this racket. It has a weight of 85 grams and is slightly stiff. Due to its weight, it falls in the 3U category, which means that it is highly maneuverable.


String Tension

The maximum recommended string tension is 24lbs. You should not exceed this tension as the racket may break. The product has been professionally strung using the Ashaway Zymax 67 strings.


The Ashaway Zymax racket strings are durable, can withstand tension and provide incredible repulsion. This enhances the quality of the Brave Sword racket.


Victor Sword Technology

An air resistant badminton racket is very efficient while playing on the court. The diamond-shaped design of the Brave Sword enables it to cut through the air like a sword. This leads to a significant reduction in the air resistance and gives you a quicker swing speed.


Inner Waves technology

Every player wants a racket that is stable and easy to maneuver. Victor uses Inner Waves technology to lengthen the string resulting in a sweet spot that is 5 percent bigger. This leads to decrease in shock and increase in maneuverability and stability.


Nano Technology

In addition to that, nanotechnology has been incorporated in this racket. This top-notch technology works by equally distributing nano-particles in the empty space between the carbon fiber bundles. This is beneficial as it dramatically increases the general stiffness of the carbon fibers, and lessens the frame’s distortion.


Rackets made with nanotechnology are known to be highly durable. As a result, the Brave Sword racket is long-lasting, meaning that you will save a lot of money.



This racket is available in white, blue and black.


With its distinctive features, this racket is well-equipped to fulfill your racketing needs.


Why is this item highly recommended?

This racket definitely stands out due to its unique properties. Some features are great for beginners while others are perfect for professional players.


The Victor Brave Sword 1600 utilizes new technology to lessen air drag during a stroke and thus enhance the stability. The racket cuts the air like a sword due to its diamond-like design that mitigates the air resistance. This offers you extra speed on your shots, allowing you to produce powerful overhead clears.


Graphite and resin are the main materials that have been used to make the racket’s head and medium flex shaft. The isometric head shape is beneficial as it ensures there’s a large surface area for the strikes and distributes even quantities of force across the racket’s frame. Its stiff shaft adds to the stability.


The Brave Sword has a moderate string tension that is between 20lbs and 22lbs. It is 675mm long, and the stiff shaft is 7.0mm long. The racket is best suited for intermediate players and experienced athletes. The grip is G5, which ensures there is sufficient space to hold onto the tool. The weight is 80-84 grams when the racket is strung.


This racket awards the player the legendary feel of the Brave Sword brand into a controllable and powerful tool. It gives you an even balance, medium flex, power, and speed.


The Brave Sword 1600 is a lot stiffer than the Brave Sword 1700. The added stiffness gives the player more stability and control while making shots. This makes it an excellent option for advanced players.


Best suited for whom?

As earlier stated, this racket has versatile qualities that make it suitable for all levels of play. Professional players can use it because of its weight, power, and stability while taking shots. It allows advanced players to engage in aggressive games.


It is suitable for the beginners and intermediate players because of its recommended string tension. This tension is great as it leads to added repulsion and power.


All the features complement each other making this item a package for anyone who is interested in engaging in a friendly and competitive badminton game.


Therefore, The Brave Sword 1600 racket can be used by anybody who wants to play badminton with high-quality sporting equipment.



  • Light and maneuverable all-round badminton racket.
  • It uses Victor’s sword technology which lessens the air resistance by 10 percent.
  • The racket is professionally strung using the Ashaway ZyMax 67 strings which are pretty good.
  • When you purchase it, the racket comes with its own thermo bag.
  • The shaft is stiff. Stiff shafts allow players to depend on the racket for powerful strokes and aggressive play. The shuttle bounces off quickly as soon as it hits the racket.
  • Offers sufficient stability and control to the player.
  • Nanotechnology has been incorporated into the design to make more durable. Long-lasting products are cost-effective.
  • Being a head heavy racket, the balance is quite efficient.



  • The weight of the racket may be tough on the player’s joints.
  • Racket’s handle is a bit of a nuisance to some players.


This product has a few flaws. The major downside is probably the handle of the racket that has been deemed to be a nuisance by some users. Other than that, complaints are minimal.


Alternative Products

Probably, the best alternative to this Brave Sword racket is the Yonex Voltric 5. Both of these rackets look similar and share some features. However, the Brave sword has better, advanced features like the diamond-shaped design that reduces air resistance. On the other hand, the Yonex racket has a better handle and is more expensive than the Victor rackets.


Final Verdict

Victor Brave Sword badminton racket has been designed keeping in mind all the aspects required to create the best badminton racket for great games. It is focused on elements that assist the player, be it a professional or an amateur, in playing excellently.


The racket is designed with features that suit both the advanced players and the beginners so that everybody can use the racket easily. You can’t go wrong with this racket.


Today, many different brands are offering high-quality rackets for badminton players. It can be quite confusing when trying to determine the most suitable racket to buy.


Mr. Chen Den-Li founded the Victor brand around 50 years ago. The company has advanced from a small shuttlecock manufacturing factory to the re-known badminton brand it is today. It produces top quality courts, rackets, apparel, accessories, and footwear.


The trust that the Victor brand has made over the years is great. You won’t have to worry about the purchase you make because the company has always manufactured quality sports equipment.


At the end of our Victor Brave Sword 1600 review, all we can say is, it receives an overall good racket rating, and you should definitely try it.

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