Trail Blazers, Lillard both ready to attend training camp if not traded

There has been no movement and everything has been very quiet Damian Lillard League sources told NBC Sports that the deal is being negotiated for more than a month. This has been the expectation at the league level As we get closer to the start of training camp on Oct. 2, talks will resume and gain momentum..

Unlike James HardenLillard doesn’t want to be a disruptive force to pressure them From the pioneers To trade him would get him with the team in training camp and the start of the season. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski said on ESPN’s NBA Today (Hoopshype hat tip).

“[NBA front office] People are back in the office, players have started training for the start of camp and are working out at the facility. So there will be more conversations between the Blazers and potential teams in the next few weeks than there have been in the past few months. This is a deadline-driven league, the next real deadline of any real substance is the start of training camp. And I think you can expect the Blazers to talk to teams again before then, but, I think this is an organization that’s fully prepared, and I think Damian Leald is also prepared to possibly start this camp with him in camp. And then if you’re the Blazers, you wait to see what happens in the first 20 to 25 games of the season to see where the teams go. Teams that are not interested now or teams that are interested now may become interested. “He might be willing to give more in trades and it certainly allows you to make three-team trades, which the Damian Lillard deal might look like.”
Three quick thoughts on this.

First, this seems to be what Portland’s front office has to say about the situation. I don’t pretend to know Wojnarowski’s sources, and that’s not to say that what he’s reporting isn’t true, but it sounds like Portland’s view of the situation.

Second, it’s no secret that Portland doesn’t like Miami’s direct trade offer. While we don’t know what (if anything) Miami has officially put on the table, the best they can do (after another move with Oklahoma City to free up a pick) is three first-round picks. and is a package based on the sixth former. man of the year Tyler Herro. Portland wants more picks and a player with a similar style Anfernie Simmons Contractually, the Trail Blazers have little desire to land Herro. All this led to talk of the involvement of a third team.

Third, Portland can talk all they want about another team coming into the mix, but that team doesn’t exist. Portland fans can jump on the trade machine and offer fantasy trade packages they think are better, but they are just that – fantasy. Lillard is already an All-NBA player, but he’s also 33 years old with four years and $216.2 million left on his contract. No team other than Miami has shown interest for that reason. this Knicks They have their point guard and are waiting for other stars that may become available in the next year or two. Lillard is not on the Spurs or Thunder slow build timeline. The list goes on and on. The trade package Portland thinks Lillard deserves doesn’t exist and isn’t expected to change that. At some point, Portland will have to deal with reality.

Since it’s not Lillard’s nature to be a disruptive force, Portland could bring him to camp and ask him to coach. Scott Henderson For a while, but it’s in their best interest to turn the page and move on to what’s to come. The deal could still be done before camp (or early into camp), which would be best for all parties, but there’s still plenty of room right now.

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