The return of the injured, the team to win and the reception of Gyökeres after the attack: everything that Amorim said – Sporting

Sporting coach spoke to journalists before the Portuguese Cup match

This afternoon, Rúben Amorim previewed Saturday’s match against Olivais e Moscavide (8:45 p.m.), in the 3rd round of the Portuguese Cup. Read everything Sporting’s coach said about the premier competition match.

What is the situation of the injured? What do you expect from the game with Olivais and Moscavide?
“The fit Jeremiah St. Juste and Trincão, called up, can be used tomorrow. We haven’t won yet [a Taça]. Remember that last year we got along the way with Varzim. Olivais e Moscavide is further down in terms of division, but it’s important to remember that. We want to win the race but we are going step by step. We have a new cycle of games. We want to win the competition, not because we’ve never won – we also want to win the championship -, but it’s an important moment in the players’ careers, this group hasn’t experienced that, not even going to a final. That’s the goal.”

Pote was not called up to the national team. Is he disillusioned?
“Pote, you have to look at it from the other side. He has had impressive numbers in other seasons and he was never a player who was always in the squad. It’s not just the numbers that will take Pote or another to the final stages of the Euro. He has had an excellent performance , he has played in several positions. He is growing as a player. If we look at the games, the number of opportunities he has had, even playing in other positions, he has even played more often up front than last year. We see that he can improving in finishing, he will improve, I would say it is a phase. the numbers may appear suddenly, but he cannot think that not always a large number of goals and assists will make him make the national team. It is the players, the group, if there are injuries, the moment. a team that is ahead attracts more attention. Looking at Diomande, who came to Sporting, had games in Europe and was called up. Has he changed that much from what he was at Mafra? He raised the level and proved which could be at this level. Pote has to continue working and I’m sure the numbers will be at the level we have seen. We have 9 rounds, there are many games left. He has to continue doing what he has been doing, helping the team at every moment of the game.”

Was there a conversation on Sporting’s side about the game with Varzim?
“We are going to present a team that, if it were a championship game, could be the same. We just want to win, there is no rotation to show this or that. Obviously we choose in relation to the opponent, we have a game on Thursday and Monday. Then, we have Thursday and Sunday. We’re going to have a tight schedule. Everyone will be used. But tomorrow they’ll be able to say, when they look at the lineup, that this team could play in a championship game to win, as always.”

Did you speak to the players about the defeat against Varzim last season?
“It served as a lesson, we talked about it during the week. The Olivais team has nothing to lose, they are very motivated. They have two players, the goalkeeper and Joshua, who are of quality but who will not be able to play. And they will be very sad about not being able to play. Our players know that they have a coach who, if they make things easier in one game, they won’t play in the next one. We have to win. We fall by the wayside in this tie. We have a job to do, the motivation must always be there there, because they are fighting for a place, especially this year. They can’t make it easy.”

Ricardo Barão, coach of Olivais and Moscavide, was his coursemate. It is now known that there was an exchange of messages…
“He sent me a message and I said what he shared in the newspapers: ‘see what you’re going to do’. What I can say is that I’m not going to take juniors or youngsters. I’m going to take a team that could play in the championship, because this The game is about winning. The top teams have everything to lose in these games. We’re going to want to win from the first moment.”

How was Gyökeres received in the locker room after the attack in Belgium? Did you have any conversations with him? Will you spare him tomorrow? Do you have any idea that it could come out in January?
“I didn’t have any special conversation, because I don’t really know what to say in these situations. What happened at the selection was strange. I exchanged messages with him during these days. We gave him an extra day compared to what we usually give, because he would have two days to rest. I felt he was very fresh, he will be called up. Everyone will be called up for this game. Only Morita will be left out, because he played two games and took a knock. I think he is the only one left out. Diomande is suspended. No he will be spared, he may not be a starter. Regarding the fear of losing him, it’s the same as everyone. He has a clause, this year as far as I know only someone will leave under the clause. If they pay 100 million… 100 million, right? He will have to go. Until then he will be a Sporting player.”

But was it well received?
“It was well received, with some complaints about the three days. It was received not with much affection, but with complaints about having had three days off, which is something I never do. Diomande too… The players are a little far from this . We have the situation in Israel vivid in the players’ minds. There wasn’t all that support. They arrived to train, heard the players’ complaints ‘how were your holidays?’ and therefore there was no special support.”

The Cup is the trophy he needs to win in Portugal as a coach. Is it mandatory to win this year?
“We always want to win, it’s an important moment in the players’ careers, it’s perhaps a more special day, apart from being champions. It’s something the players want to experience. I’d be lying if I didn’t say we want to do our best. We have, I have and everyone will be called up there. We’re going to present a strong team, even against a team from the district. We really want to win the competition and for it to be this year.”

He can match Paulo Bento’s victories at Sporting tomorrow. Did you expect to reach 117 triumphs so quickly?
“I have memories of Paulo Bento, he was someone who helped me in my career. If it were him or someone else, I would be happy to overtake. I also saw that to overtake the first I would have to be here for a long time. I didn’t expect to reach such a number of victories. quickly, because I thought we would take longer, but also in a second phase I thought we would arrive sooner. I’m satisfied, but I think we could have done better. Let’s see if we can reach first place. Beat Paulo Bento’s record, someone that it had an impact, it’s a good sign, but I don’t make a big deal out of this feat.”

Can Trincão and St. Juste play the full 90 minutes tomorrow?
“We’re going to pay attention to the minutes, but we have to look at the game itself, the level, how it goes. When I say ‘level’, it’s normal for a district team, the type of training, the ability they have, will also limit the time of the players. If we see that the game is not at such a high pace, we will leave as much time as possible. If we see that it is exceeding the load they can do, we will withdraw. The main objective is to win. These players will not exceed the load because we have quality players on the bench, but whether they can play the 90 minutes we will see. But we are aware of that and we have to be careful.”

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