The Knicks are suing the Raptors for illegally buying a former employee and revealing proprietary information

Knicks MSJ court overview

MSG/USA TODAY Knicks court overview

particle for direct object Knicks have complained Toronto Raptors SNY has learned that and several members of their organization, including a former Knicks employee, for obtaining proprietary information.

A statement from an MSG spokesperson added that the complaint was filed after the former employee “illegally took thousands of proprietary files with him to his new position” with the Raptors.

“These files include confidential information such as broadcast frequency reports, the 2022-23 season prep book, video search files and materials, and more,” according to the statement. Considering the obvious violation of the employment contract, our criminal and civil laws, we had no choice but to take this action.”

According to a source, the Knicks contacted the Raptors and the NBA about the matter before filing a lawsuit.

Petition names Icchuko Azotam as a former Knicks employee who “illegally obtained and disclosed proprietary information to members of the Raptors, including the new head coach.” Darko Rajakovic and other members of the coaching staff

The complaint alleges that Azotem, as an employee of the Knicks, signed an agreement with a “confidentiality clause requiring him to maintain the confidentiality of all confidential or proprietary information of the Knicks.”

Azotem, who worked for the Knicks as an assistant video coordinator and then as a film director/analytics/broadcaster development assistant from 2020-23, was hired by the Raptors in or around June of this year, according to the lawsuit. With Rajakovic taking over as head coach for the first time, the lawsuit alleges that the Raptors “conspired to use Azotem’s position as a current member of the Knicks to convey proprietary information to the Raptors in order to Help organize, plan and structure the new coaching staff and video operations.

Azotem informed the Knicks of the Raptors job offer in July, at which time he began secretly sending proprietary information from his Knicks email account to his personal Gmail account, which he then shared with Raptors defenders. These materials included search reports, broadcast frequency reports, a preparation book, and links to third-party licensed software.”

This is a developing story. More to come…

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