The Harden Saga, Diana Tavarasi, Northwest Section Preview

76ers president Daryl Murray and James Harden

76ers president Daryl Murray and James Harden

In the middle of what is usually a quiet period of the NBA calendar — when the focus should be on the Basketball Hall of Fame and the WNBA — James Harden And Year 76 They have continued the drama. 76ers end trade talks (for now) for Harden and say they want to bring him to camp Harden called 76ers president Darryl Murray a “liar” and said he would never play for an organization where Murray is part of it.

Is there a good outcome for anyone in this scenario? NBC Sports’ Corey Robinson and Curt Helin discuss that both sides have few good options.

The conversation then shifts to Diana Tavarasi, who became the first woman to break the WNBA’s 10,000-point barrier. They discuss his place in the league and whether he should be part of Team USA at the Olympics in Paris next summer. From there, the conversation takes a sharp turn to discuss how Radiohead ties in with Australia’s NBL on Corey’s jukebox.

Finally, the two discuss and preview the Northwest section. Denver is a rival with Nikola Jokicbut how much they will be missed Bruce Brown And Jeff Green? Do we sleep on it? Oklahoma City Thunder? What exactly are they? Minnesota Timberwolves And are they Anthony Edwards’ team now? Where is Utah in its development and where is it? John Collins Appropriate? Then there’s Portland, with Damian Lillard Trade in the future and change to Scott Henderson Evening.

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