The epic action by South African Kolbe that marked France’s elimination from the Rugby World Cup and sparked debate: the videos of the controversy and what the regulations say

Cheslin Kolbe’s play that gave South Africa the victory against France

As is usual in these significant events, many sports lovers join in following a discipline that they do not know in depth. The matches corresponding to the quarterfinals of the rugby world cup They had enormous appeal with electrifying definitions and thousands of eyes followed those games closely. One action in particular marked the trend of the scoreboard in the elimination of host France against South Africa and unleashed controversy among locals and strangers.

The heroic race Cheslin Kolbe to cover the shot to the sticks Thomas Ramos left the match in a 12-12 in an action rarely seen and that, after all, was transcendental for victory Springboks por 29-28.

The question that immediately arose in the media was along the same lines: “Was Cheslin Kolbe’s counterattack against Thomas Ramos valid?” posed the French media. TF1. “Did the supersonic Kolbe have the right to block Ramos’s conversion?” RMC. The popular The team He also asked himself in that tune: “Did Cheslin Kolbe leave the conversion of Thomas Ramos too soon?”

But not only the French media focused on this action, but also the South African newspapers themselves. “One of the big talking points of the game in Paris was Cheslin Kolbe’s attack on Thomas Ramos’ conversion kick from the touchline. It has been widely debated and discussed… Was it a legal takedown or did Kolbe rush into it?”, asked the chronicler Jacques van der Westhuyzen of the newspaper The Citizen from South Africa.

The regulation of World Rugby indicates that the kicker has 90 seconds to execute the conversion from the moment the try was awarded. The opponents must stand behind the goal line and “They must not cross that line until the kicker moves in any direction to begin his run.”. That section 8.14 of the regulations clarifies: “When the kicker does this they may charge or jump to prevent the goal but in these actions they must not be physically supported by other players.”

The camera that TF1 broadcast in France to discuss Kolbe’s actions

The issue escalated to such a point that Kolbe, in statements that were replicated by the media Network24defended his iconic play: “I think it definitely helped that I played with Thomas for six years and knew what he was doing. I did everything according to the rules and within the rules. I was behind the line before his race started”. Ramos, on his side, also gave his opinion: “Knowing that this is my usual routine, I don’t have the impression of being very close to the 22 line. I’ll have to look at the images again. As I hit, I feel like he’s on top of me. That had never happened to me”.

The middle TF1 released a panoramic film of the action and questioned the decision made by referee Ben O’Keeffe: “In the sequence, Thomas Ramos’ former teammate at Stade Toulouse seems to launch his sprint before the number 15 of the Blues start your race to kick the ball. Which is formally prohibited by regulations. But Ben O’Keeffe judged otherwise, since he did not use video.”

It is not the only image that allowed the French media to discuss the judge’s ruling, since RMC broadcast the filming of a fan from the stands where “seems to show that Chelsin Kolbe starts his run to counter Thomas Ramos’ conversion before it gains momentum”.

Kolbe’s intervention before Ramos’ kick (Photo: Reuters/Gonzalo Fuentes)

Regardless of this particular situation, France captain Antoine Dupont expressed his fury with the refereeing performance in statements he shared France 24: “I don’t want to be the bitter person who complains about the referee for losing the game. There’s a lot of disappointment and frustration, but we can’t wait to see the footage again. There are clear things that should have been called. I don’t think the refereeing was up to what was at stake today.”.

He RMC exposes, in total, “five arbitration decisions that generated controversy” with what happened with Kolbe at the center of the scene: “The two points missing for the Blues to win may be there, in this unreal counterattack by Cheslin Kolbe on Thomas Ramos’ attempt to convert. “Referee Ben O’Keefe quickly validated the South African’s gesture, ordering the match to resume at 12-12, when the Blues could have regained the advantage in this action.”

Behind all the debate is the impressive athletic ability of Kolbe, who according to the newspaper Brand has a record of 10.70 seconds in the 100 meter dash. She is related to an Olympic champion (Wayde Van Niekerk) and trained with him before taking up rugby. He achieved this coverage despite being the shortest Springbok player at 1.70m.. The Spanish newspaper warns that He traveled 20 meters in 3.05 seconds.

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