The emotional start of Paco González in the first program without Pepe Domingo Castaño: “Hello, Pepe, good afternoon…” | Relief

I have a personal panic for Tuesday, look at that chair and see that it is empty. I have done it, but I knew it was there: with the engraved mask or the engraved advertising. I’m not going to have another advertisement, a game, or another dinner with Pepe. I’m not saying to extend this 31-year wonder, but one more time. I’m not going to have it. It makes me panic,” said Paco González on Sunday night in COPE’s Great Game about his inseparable friend and companion Pepe Domingo Castaño, who died in the early hours of Saturday to Sunday.

The Game Time director was referring to what he had to face this Tuesday, with the first program of the UEFA Champions League season. Without Pepe Domingo Castaño physically and without his leadership, but with him always present: “Hello, Pepe, good afternoon, Playtime. Welcome to the best football in the world, welcome to the Champions League”, was the way Paco González began, who, after reviewing the matches of the Spanish teams, remembered Pepe.

“Welcome to the first program without Pepe. You have already seen that I said ‘good afternoon, Pepe’ because I have been doing it all my life. This is and will always be like this, because this is and will always be Pepe Domingo’s program. I’m convinced that Pepe is around. Today It’s going to help me keep my voice from shaking.. I know she’s going to help me because she helped me from day one, so I’m counting on that. And with the serenity of her family. His wife Tere is serene, his sons Óscar and Hugo too. And, like us, super grateful. He has been touching each and every display of affection. Pepe belonged to everyone“.

“I’m convinced that Pepe is here”

Paco Gonzalez
Game Time Director

There is an invisible chain of good people and in that chain Pepe was a gigantic link. All the good people who have surrounded Pepe, his colleagues, his friends, his family… It is incredible the attraction he had to unite good people. I don’t know where that chain begins and ends, I know it goes through Brussels, I know it goes through Cádiz, I know it goes through the home of each and every one of the listeners, those who have cried and are now supporting us,” Paco González continued. .

“The most beautiful compliment I will ever receive was told to me yesterday by Sergio Sauca ‘every time we listen to you we will also be listening to him’. I have zero doubts about a team that has a head, heart and lungs, which is what you have to have for everything you have to do in life. Talent, will and strength, and this is a very strong team. With all the pride of this chain of good people, with Pepe at the helm, we are going to start the program with ‘hello, hello’, of course. Maybe in a week we will start it with Pepe’s voice, we will have to talk about it with the family“, he concluded.

In the absence of knowing if the masthead will be heard again with the voice of Pepe Domingo Castaño, his figure continues to be very present in the COPE editorial team. The first advertisement, broadcast in a choral manner by all of his colleagues with the music and tone that characterized him.

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