The drastic decision that the MLS made with the Argentine soccer player that was made with fist blows in an amateur tournament

The Argentine will no longer play for Montreal Photo: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Despite his football anonymity in his country, in recent hours the name of Mother Miljevic was established in public opinion due to an unusual episode involving the Argentine soccer player who played in the Major League Soccer (MLS). The young 22-year-old midfielder changed his identity to play in a tournament. amateurdespite having a professional contract in the league of the USA and ended up fistfighting with a rival.

Due to this situation, the sports commissioners who govern the northern country’s competition took drastic measures. ““Major League Soccer terminated the contract of CF Montréal midfielder Matko Miljevic for engaging in conduct detrimental to the league and violating his Standard Player Agreement.”the authorities explained in a brief official statement.

The midfielder had joined the CF Montreal in August 2021 after emigrating from Argentinos Juniors and in 35 appearances in the regular season, he scored two goals and provided two assists.

The talented midfielder had received a call from a friend to participate in an amateur soccer championship in Laval, north of Montreal. Obviously, it is prohibited for a professional athlete to be part of a team in these events, which is why he changed his name so that he would not be discovered and He signed a roster three times under the name “Matko Milojevic”including an o in his last name, in information that was initially revealed by the Canadian media In the wings.

The balance at the beginning was more than positive, because He scored six goals and even won an award for best player of the match.. Until a rival realized the deception and reported it to the league organizers. QCSL (Quebec Calcetto Soccer League). After the truth was known, the player Born in Miami but of Argentine parents was expelled.

However, this week he returned to the place, this time to support a friend who plays on another team. And according to the information published by the site In the wingsthe duel (which was 5-0 against the team he was accompanying) heated up and in the face of a verbal back and forth, he entered the field of play and “hit an opponent directly in the face.” The referee immediately suspended the match, asked to be removed from the scene and the league reported that Miljevic was banned from the tournament for life.

The ordeal continues for the professional footballer, because his club recently terminated his contract and he must look for a new destination to continue his career.

Miljevic He arrived at CF Montreal in the MLS two years ago and since then he has worked as one of the figures of the team led by the Argentine. Hernan Losada. In the last Leagues Cup, who crowned Inter Miami by Lionel Messi, did not add minutes. In Argentina he played in Argentinos Juniorswhere he debuted against Boca Juniors in the Super League Cup 2019. In addition, he wore the number 10 shirt of the Under 18 team in it La Alcúdia Tournament 2019where He was one of the most outstanding stars and was even in the ideal eleven.

I played in pre-school for Boca. In a game against Argentinos I performed very well and the coordinator, who at that time was Batista, did everything possible to make me pass. He spoke to my parents and convinced them,” he had narrated his story to Infobae in 2019.


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