The Brooklyn Nets were introduced as one of the biggest rivals of the Knicks

particle for direct object Brooklyn Nets We have a lot to look forward to in the near future as the team has moved on from the superstar era Kevin Durant And Kyrie Irving To an era full of potential assets and the draft. One aspect Brooklyn has to look forward to is what competition they have.

In accordance with Jeff Magliucetti Of all Knicks, is one of the biggest rivals of New York Knicks Nets. As Magliocchetti points out in his article, the rivalry between the Nets and Knicks is no ordinary rivalry, as both franchises have not been at the same level in recent memory.

For example, right now, Brooklyn is expected to be a playoff team, while New York is considered a sure-fire playoff team. However, part of the matchup that makes it a rivalry is due to the teams sharing the same city.

Why Magliucci picks the Nets as one of the Knicks’ biggest rivals:

“The cross-town nature of the Knicks and Nets and New York City’s love for all things basketball ensures their respective gatherings will be the talk of the town. Beyond Gotham, though, there’s often been little reason to get excited about a Knicks-Nets game.

When it comes to forming a great cross-town rivalry, the Knicks and Nets haven’t always been able to get their timing right since the latter moved across the river. When one looks like a contender, the other is always rebuilding, and that trend seems to be on its way back next year thanks to the Brooklyn Fire’s latest trade that let go of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

“Plus, this big-city frenzy loses its luster when it becomes clear that each side will be fighting for New York basketball silver until further notice thanks to the Liberty’s ascent to the top of the WNBA standings.”

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