Stephen Curry said he hopes to play as long as LeBron James.

Stephen Curry He will start his 15th NBA season in a few months. Carrey already has a resume that will land him in theWho is the greatest point guard in history” debate – Four NBA titles, two MVP awards, four-time scoring champion, nine-time NBA All-Star, NBA 75th Anniversary Team – and it all begs the question:

How much longer does Stephen Curry want to play?

Gilbert Arenas asked him on Giles Arena’s podcastespecially if he wants something until he plays James Lebron (On the verge of entering the 21st NBA season).

“It’s somewhere in that range, but I never imagined I’d be a forty-forty-forty that I’d want to keep alive. But who knows what my body will look like or feel like at that point? Three years from “I have a contract left. Including at least that, and then kind of figure it out from there.”

LeBron was an All-NBA player and led Lakers To the Western Conference Finals in his 20th season — he’s still an incredibly impressive player. Curry was a force in the NBA last season, but he’d be wise to see how he feels and where he’s at in three years, when he’s 38, before making any calls. However, it will be difficult for anyone to say no to the huge NBA contract that has been put in front of him.

Whatever Curry wants to do, he’s made it clear he wants to stay with the Warriors to finish out his career. There’s always been speculation around the league that Curry could jump teams for the final season or two in pursuit of a ring or play in his hometown of Charlotte, where his father is a legend. Curry said on the podcast that he wants to be a one-team player.

“I’m blessed to know and hopefully no matter how many years I play, I’m playing for a franchise and I’m part of that group of legends that have accomplished that feat and won at the highest level and all that. You never take that for granted. You have Kobe (Bryant), Magic (Johnson), Dirk (Nowitzki), Tim Duncan, those guys helped create a culture, won, did it with a lot of different things. list and different sections in their career.”

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