Stephen A. Smith, unhappy with Lonzo Ball’s video response, responds

Stephen A. Smith, unhappy with Lonzo Ball’s video response, responds It appeared first NBC Sports Chicago

Recently, Stephen A. Smith reported on the Bulls’ point guard Lonzo Ball Due to the pain and injury in his left knee, he has difficulty standing up from a sitting position. In March, Ball underwent his third consecutive surgery on his left knee, this time a cartilage graft, sidelining him for the 2023-24 season.

Ball responded to Smith’s report Twitter video. In the video, Ball asks Smith, “Who are your sources?” Because he can easily stand up and down from the chair using only his injured leg. For Bulls fans who saw the report, Ball’s ability to perform single-leg squats on his injured leg is eye-catching and a positive metric.

On Wednesday, Smith responded to Ball’s response, blasting him for making a video announcing his health status. His response is, unsurprisingly, outrageous.

“You really want to sit on a bench by the pool and think that because you stand up and sit down and stand up and sit down it’s going to make you healthy?” Smith said on ESPN. “Does it have anything to do with running up and down the d–n field for 30-35 minutes every night? Come on, bro.

“Bro, you’re not healthy. You’ve missed about 48 percent of your games. And you’re only four years into your career. And most importantly, you think because he missed all of last season. It’s 47 games into the season before that, and you’re scheduled to miss at least until the new year this coming season and not make a video announcing that you’re healthy.”

Smith’s answer is completely discouraging and, again, incorrect. He forgets the root of the argument.

Here’s what Smith reported on ESPN about Ball: “I’ve heard he has a hard time getting up from a sitting position.”

It is clear from Ball’s video that his report is false. Yes, Ball is experiencing a career-threatening injury that will keep him from playing basketball next season. But, Smith’s report was factually incorrect. It is clear that Bal does not experience that discomfort.

Smith challenged Ball to produce the video, saying, “Does this have anything to do with running on the d–n field for 30-35 minutes a night?” No, it isn’t. That’s why he didn’t film him running up and down a court for 30-35 minutes.

He is right that Ball has missed a lot of time with his knee in the NBA and that he is not healthy right now.

If you count last season, Ball has played six seasons in the NBA, not four. As Smith pointed out, Ball has missed exactly 48 percent of his NBA career. If you factor in his expected missed time through the 2023-24 season, Ball has missed roughly 56 percent of his career games. This is undoubtedly alarming and objectively unhealthy.

But, you’d think he’d have some sympathy for a player who Smith claims cares about him and his family, and who is dealing with one of the rarest and most dangerous injuries in NBA history. Instead, he decided to grill Ball for posting a video that revealed a false report about the details of his knee.

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