Steph Curry defines the future face of the NBA

The NBA moves in cycles. New stars are formed as old stars begin to fade. Throughout his tenure with Golden State Warriors, Steph Curry He has been the face of the fighters organization and One of the most prominent names in the league Sooner or later, however, Carey’s star will begin to fade as time inevitably catches up with him.

During a recent appearance in “Gils Arena Podcast” Curry discussed which player is the “next” NBA superstar. Luka Doncic It’s a player that Curry has anointed, given how Dallas Mavericks The star is on the precipice of achieving amazing things.

“Luca is a guy who is right on the brink of achieving all these honors,” Curry told Arenas. What does he want as a player? This threshold how you cross it – hopefully not now – but when you play against him, you can feel it.

Almost as soon as Doncic made the jump from Europe to the NBA, he became a rising star. Unlike most players in the league, Doncic does not have elite athleticism. Instead, in terms of body composition, he looks like the average taller person.

Curry also noted that he hopes Doncic’s ascension won’t be complete for a few more years, allowing the Warriors to make a few more runs at a championship before retirement begins.

Still, Doncic is already a star in the NBA, and it’s only a matter of time before he takes the mantle from some of the league’s elder statesmen, and that includes Curry.

The story first appeared on Warriors Wire

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