Steelers OT Dan Moore Jr. Offers Hilarious Analogy For Playing On The Line

He pittsburgh steelers offensive lineman added spencer-anderson late in the 2023 NFL draft and has already proven to be far more valuable than a seventh-round pick. One of the biggest things Anderson has shown is his ability to line up at multiple points on both sides of the offensive line.

If you’ve never played offensive line, it’s hard to describe what it feels like to move from one side to the other, but according to Anderson, offensive tackle Dan Moore Jr. has a great analogy.

“It’s kind of funny, he was giving me an analogy: ‘It’s like wiping your butt with your left hand,’” Anderson said. “I was thinking, I thought to myself if you break your right hand, if I break my right hand, what would that be like? My life would be miserable. Dan says ‘hats off to you’ because you know he has a problem with that.”

With so much uncertainty with guys like kevin dotson and kendrick green, Anderson’s irruption has been tremendous. In the team’s proper preseason game, Anderson played right tackle and both guard spots and should have a good chance this week against the buffalo bills.

The story originally appeared on Steelers Wire

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