Score and latest updates from the 2023 Women’s World Cup semi-finals

Lucy Bronze of England and her teammates on the field before the match
Can England Reaching the World Cup final for the first time? They’ll have to beat hosts Australia in their own backyard to make it happen — REUTERS/Hannah McKay

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Rio Ferdinand made his prediction

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Luke Edwards in Sydney

“I could be wrong but I notice some apprehension among the Australian fans before kick-off. I also thought about some of the comments from Mackenzie Arnold Before the match it was strange to talk about the negative reaction if you played badly. It was supposed to be a joke but many of the real words were said in jest.

“The fans I spoke to on the train to the stadium were worried about the fact that England didn’t play well and still made it to another semi-final. They also think, on paper, we have the best players.

Return of the star striker Sam Kerr To the starting line would ease some of the home crowd’s nerves, but if England score first I think the Matildas might hit the panic button.”

10:24 a.m. GMT

Spy differences before the match between Australia and England in the semi-finals of the Women’s World Cup

World Cup in England Semi-final confrontation with Australia Strained by espionage controversy after a helicopter was used to film the tournament’s last pre-match training session in Sydney.

Australia’s Daily Telegraph has sent the helicopter to spy on Sarina Wegman’s side as they work on a plane Plan to beat Matildas and expelling them from the tournament they co-hosted alongside New Zealand.

Read more from Luke Edwards here.

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Jess Carter also spoke to BBC Sport

“I feel like we get along… the team as a group shines really well together. I think everyone is very comfortable to be fair.

“There is history in this kind of tournament for England but we are looking forward to writing our own history. I think everyone is excited about the game, everyone is going out and giving everything they can and hopefully we can get a positive result.

“[Sam Kerr] She’s obviously a big player but I think we’re well equipped to handle her and whatever Australia throws at us.”

10:13 a.m. GMT

MilliBright I spoke to BBC Sport

“It’s exciting. We are ready as a team, ready to perform and step up as always.

“Really excited about the atmosphere. Credit to Australia for creating that throughout the tournament, we felt so welcome by everyone on and off the field.

Who wants to play in a quiet semi-final? Not us!

“The game is between two teams that know a lot about each other, but championship football is about showing up and fighting for your place in the next match. We are ready to do absolutely everything.”

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Australia has never gone this far

Obviously, they will have the support of the home audience. The England crowd would be outnumbered and outnumbered.

Australia fans in attendance

Australia fans in attendance

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Tom is on the floor

The weather looks decent, right?

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Imagine a free bet?

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Australia’s side is also in

Starting from the eleventh: arnold, BolkenhornKatie FourFowler Hunt RasoAnd GoriKerr, Carpenter, Connie Cross
Alternatives: Williams, Nevin, Lowick, vineAnd Van EgmondMicah YallopAnd SimonGrant

Alan Kennedy OUT: “This morning Alanna Kennedy was ruled out of tonight’s game due to illness. Alanna will not be in attendance tonight,” according to the team.

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What time is the kick off and how can you watch?

kick-off between Australia And England 11am UK time on Wednesday 16th August (8pm local time in Sydney). If you’re in the UK, you can watch it live on BBC One or BBC iPlayer.

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Tom Garry has had some raucous banter in Australia…

“The Australians have been out joking since this blockbuster semi-final was confirmed. I was in an Uber this morning and the driver and the rest of the English press offered me a lift package to the airport tomorrow!”

“At our hotel, the concierge was responsible for recommending a hotel in Brisbane for this weekend – to cover the 3rd and 4th places. A number of Australian front pages this morning referred to ‘Beat the Poms’.

“It was largely well-intentioned, but make no mistake; the hosts would love nothing but to dismiss England tonight. This is a deep sporting rivalry.”

09:32 a.m. GMT

The England team is here

Starting from the eleventhEarps: bronzeWalsh, Greenwood, Bright (c), stanwayDali toonAnd chopsticksCarter Rousseau
Alternatives: charles, nobsHampton, Woopn-Moi, Mirqab, combsKelly, England, slimRoebuck, Robinson

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Good morning

Hello and welcome to a busy day for English football as the European champions take on Australia in Sydney. The winner will advance to the World Cup Final, where they will face off Spain Sunday. The biggest threat to England’s hopes will come in the form of Sam Keir, who is fit to play after suffering a calf injury.

England manager Sarina Wegman said: “Australia is not just Sam Kerr. Yes, we have a plan [if she starts]. She can play and she can start on the bench, that’s the way it is. Of course she’s a threat, she’s a very good player, so she has a lot of respect [to her].

“But there’s more to Sam Kerr, because in the end it’s always a team performance. When a team does really well, an individual can do even better. That’s the case for Australia and it’s the same for England.

“There’s a lot of pressure on them because everyone expects things from them. I think Australia developed in the tournament as well, they had some difficult situations that they had to come back from and they did really well. We expect a very strong Australia tomorrow.”

England captain Millie Bright, Kerr’s teammate in the Women’s Premier League Chelseaechoed her manager’s assessment, adding:

“I think everyone knows [Sam] very good. On the world stage, I think she’s made a name for herself. “It’s very hard not knowing Sam and her abilities, but like Sarina said there are other players in the squad. I think we are ready to play against Australia as a team.”

Packed fan zones in cities across Australia will have giant screens showing the match, and thousands of pubs will be broadcasting. And you can catch up with us live here, with the big game kicking off at 11am BST.

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