Scaloni stopped the post-Messi era: “It’s still valid, are we all crazy?” | Press conference before traveling to Peru

The Argentine National Team will seek to stay at the top of the Qualifiers when visiting this Tuesday night to Peruat the closing of the fourth date and new FIFA window on the road to the 2026 World Cup.

The history of the previous one went through the presence or not of Lionel Messigiven that it comes from entering from the bank in the 1 to 0 over Paraguay, and in this regard he expressed Lionel Scaloni at a press conference: “Leo is fine, he is training and adding training minutes. We will make the decision tomorrowbut if he is well, he will play because it is what we all want.”

After Monday’s morning practice, the coach did not reveal the doubt surrounding Messi’s ownership and He added that there may be other variants since footballers suffer from different discomforts.: “It’s difficult for everyone to be at their best.”

The match will be played very late, from 11:00 p.m. – in Peru it will be 9:00 p.m. – at the National Stadium in Lima. and La Scaloneta will have the opportunity to achieve no less than its eighth consecutive victory in the same number of games since it was established in Qatar. Television will be provided by Public TV and TyC Sports.

“It is evident that we must continue with this desire to compete and on the path to victory. We are not unbeatable. And if it ever happens that we lose, we have to get up and continue in the same line,” said Scaloni., reducing the foam a little to the great moment of his team, who lead the Qualifiers with 9 points, ahead of Brazil (7). Peru, meanwhile, adds just one unit.

Post-Messi era: “are we all crazy?”

Delving into the Messi issue – the first, second and third concern of those present at the conference -, Scaloni stated: “What a way to think about when Messi is not there. It is still valid, let’s leave it alone. We are used to doing harakiri alone, it is impressive, we are retiring it it seems. Are we all crazy?”.

“The team plays in a very marked way no matter who is there. That is the most important thing. We saw the other day that it is possible. “We would like Messi to be there for the good of football, but when he is not there we have to replace him with a clear idea,” he added. who will direct in Lima only his 63rd game with the National Team.

Lautaro, “spectacular”

Attentive to every detail, the coach also supported Lautaro Martínez, who has been accumulating good performances but without goals. “He is one of ours. He is the second top scorer after Leo and played a spectacular match against Paraguay. “He doesn’t worry us and I think he doesn’t either because we don’t talk about it.”he pointed.

Lautaro has not celebrated with the National Team since a friendly against Honduras (3 to 0) in September of last year. 12 games passed (7 as a starter), including that infamous debut in Qatar against Saudi Arabiawhen two great goals were annulled.

The player from Bahia has 20 goals in the Scaloni cycle, behind Messi’s 39 and ahead of Di María’s 8, third on the list. Then come Julián Álvarez (7), Nicolás González (5) and Leandro Paredes (4).

Garnacho and the europibes

Meanwhile, one who seems to be running from behind is the young Manchester United star, Alejandro Garnachobut the coach clarified that he has “the same chances” as the other players who did not add minutes in the last game.

“Everyone wants to contribute. He is happy and giving his own,” he remarked. about the footballer born in Spain who was already “armored” to play for the Argentine national team.

About the appearance of new names in the calls and the possibility that players (like Matías Soulé) choose others selected due to lack of spaceScaloni explained that he would like to add “more young people” but warned that he cannot work with “35 players.”

Feeling of superiority

Finally, the DT highlighted the difficulty of tonight’s game, even when the rival is losing. “It gives the impression that we are superior but if performance goes hand in hand with results, the better. Peru is a team that has been known for many years, anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong. The Peruvian soccer player is good with the ball. Now he is not going through a good moment but he can get out of this situation because he has experienced players,” he argued.

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