Rick Barry shreds Boston’s decision to give Jaylen Brown the supermax

On July 25, Jaylen Brown and the Boston Celtics agreed to a five-year $306 million contract extension. Brown had become eligible for the Designated Veteran Exception – also known as the ‘Supermax’ – by being named to the 2023 All-NBA second team. As such, Brown will now become the highest-paid player in NBA history, at least until the next Supermax contract is signed.

During a recent interview, former Golden State Warriors guard Rick Barry shared his opinion on Brown’s new deal. The former NBA Champion made it clear that he doesn’t believe the Celtics wing’s skillset is worthy of such an inflated salary.

“$306 million dollars, I mean, that’s just hard for me to believe,” Barry told Joy De’Angela. “You know, his average is 18.5 points per game…He’s gonna make $69.5 million in the last year of his contract. But 18.5 points per game, that’s nothing, seriously. I mean, I like him, he’s a nice player, but man, he’s gotta improve his game. He turns the ball over too much. He tries to force things. So does his teammate, [Jayson] Tatum; that’s why they lost to the Warriors two seasons ago. They make too many turnovers.”

Brown has come under scrutiny this summer after failing to rise to the occasion in game seven of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Maimi Heat.

However, it’s clear that Boston’s best chance at raising banner 18 is with both Brown and Tatum on the roster, which makes the Celtics’ decision to extend the Georgia native’s stay with the franchise a no-brainer.

Celtics fans will now be hoping that Brown can improve his playmaking ability and rediscover his intensity on the defense end as they look to him to begin justifying his 35% cap hit moving forward.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire

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