Rayssa struck gold with her mother as support

Lilian Mendes and daughter Rayssa Leal Image: Reproduction/Instagram

Last Saturday was the day the two managed to catch up. Before the competition even started, Rayssa skated across the arena track during the warm-up to listen to her mother’s advice in the stands. Concentrated, Lilian only had eyes for the little girl — who is already growing up. The Brazilian Fadinha is 15 years old and explained to the UOL that it was important to have the mother’s help at that moment.

“She couldn’t stay in the village with me, so I hadn’t seen her for almost six days. As we had already put together the strategy, she told me to go with confidence and then we were just killing our longing. She gave me a security that other people don’t get because she’s my mother and my coach. Anyway, with her, I feel much stronger, she helps me a lot”, said Rayssa shortly after winning the gold medal in skate street.

Finally, after the competition, the two were able to celebrate together with the whole team. At the end of the day, Lilian accompanied Rayssa to Casa Brasil, in Santiago, to see her daughter adding her gold to the medal counter that the COB set up in the special space.

There is no doubt that Rayssa is one of Team Brasil’s main highlights and, consequently, one of the most sought-after athletes, which makes Lilian also an important character. Despite this, Fadinha’s guardian prefers to stay out of the spotlight.

Lilian’s focus is on her daughter, and nothing more fair: she is a mother, coach, advisor, friend, it’s everything. For Rayssa, guardian Lilian will always be there, attentive to the best maneuvers that can make the Brazilian Fadinha fly in all competitions.

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