PJ Washington is reportedly re-signing with the Hornets for three years, $48 million

NBA: Charlotte Hornets at Oklahoma City Thunder

NBA: Charlotte Hornets at Oklahoma City Thunder

PG Washington feels like a player on the verge of a down season. If that happens, the Charlotte Hornets only get one steal.

Washington, a restricted free agent and Arguably the best free agent in the markethas agreed to a three-year, $48 million deal to stay with the Hornets, a story that was broken by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski (and has since been confirmed by several others).

Very similar to Austin Reeves From Lakers, Washington lost money due to restricted free agency. Washington would likely command a bigger contract on the open market, but other teams knew the Hornets would match any offer — and no one wanted cap space in a fast-moving market. restricted for days while the Hornets waited for an official announcement. Their match – so no other offers were entered. When the market went down, no one had enough room to make an offer to Washington. That left him negotiating only with the Hornets.

Washington averaged a career-high 15.7 points per game last season and is a sought-after stretch player who can defend on one side and then get off the floor on the other (his 3-point shooting was 34.8 percent last season decreased., but he will be better than that again next season). In a Hornets roster reloaded with a healthy player Lamelo’s ballthe No. 2 draft pick from June Brandon Millerand return from Miles Bridges (who led the team in scoring two years ago but missed last season after pleading no contest to domestic violence) Washington could be in a good position to make a leap.

Things fell apart in Charlotte, however, but a quality player returned to a team-friendly deal.

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