Paul George, Stephen A. Smith on the complicated relationship between players and the media

NBA It’s never been more accessible to its fans than it is now, but that’s not always good for everyone involved. In the recent episode of “Podcast P with Paul GeorgeStephen E. ESPN’s Smith joined the eponymous host to discuss the complicated relationship between NBA players and the media

Smith had a lot to say about players taking on the role of media themselves, but admitted they are frustrated by the media fearing it will take jobs away from them. George reflected on the toll of being in the spotlight and emphasized the importance of athletes having a platform to express themselves.

This conversation explores pressure from both sides to perform, power dynamics in interviews, and athletes’ responsibility for public perception.

Check out the clip embedded above to hear him talk about one of the newer developments in NBA media and how it’s changing the way we consume the game.

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The story first appeared on Celtics Wire

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