Packers and Dolphins were keen to make Jonathan Taylor “among” the highest-paid running backs in the NFL

To achieve a broker exchange jonathan taylor, a new team had to appease both the Colts and the player. Reportedly, the two teams that were pursuing Taylor the most aggressively were out to make him happy.

Josina Anderson of CBS Sports reports that both the Dolphins and Packers were “willing to give … Taylor a contract that placed him among the highest-paid brokers in the NFL going into this season.

There is only one higher paying broker. Christian McCaffrey earns 16 million dollars a year. As explained above, the 49ers see it as $12 million annually, because that’s the average value of the deal they inherited after trading for the former Panther.

Technically, the Saints running back alvin camara earns 15 million dollars a year. But his deal includes a bogus final year with a cash value of $25 million, bringing the package up to that number. In reality, his contract was worth $12.5 million a year.

Titans running backwards henry derrick it is also 12.5 million dollars a year. browns runner nick chub amounts to 12.2 million dollars annually.

So what specifically were the Packers willing to pay? How much specifically were the Dolphins willing to pay? What specifically did Taylor want? We do not know. We also do not know the structure of the proposed agreements; either or both could have included a fugazi last year, like Kamara’s, that made the number increase.

For one thing, it doesn’t matter because the Colts didn’t get an offer they liked. On the other hand, it does matter because the Colts could eventually decide to take what they can and move on.

And here is the end result. If the Colts don’t think he’s good enough to deserve a new contract, why do they think he’s good enough to deserve a significant return in the trade?

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