Norton boosts security and privacy with new enhancements

Norton has unveiled new features included with the Norton Password Manager and Norton AntiTrack. 

Norton Password Manager offers a premium password management experience that continues to be available at no cost, and a new Private Email feature now available in Norton AntiTrack helps consumers quickly and easily take back control of their online privacy.

“Our enhancements to Norton Password Manager and Norton AntiTrack exemplify our passion for constantly improving our products and services to help our customers protect their online privacy and stay one step ahead of threats to their security,” says Leena Elias, Chief Product Officer at Gen.

“Free password managers are traditionally basic, difficult to access on different devices, and lack multi-layered security. With Norton Password Manager, you no longer have to choose between conveniently accessing your accounts and having excellent password protection,” she says. 

“And, our addition of Private Email as part of Norton AntiTrack allows you to easily take steps to protect your online privacy when you’re engaging with the digital world and protect your personal email address, which is often the gateway to your personal information and accounts.

“We are committed to helping our customers safeguard their online privacy through the launch of these solutions.”

Accessible via the web and available as a browser extension or mobile app, Norton Password Manager has been rebuilt with improvements to password security and privacy and redesigned to provide a seamless, intuitive customer experience.

Norton Password Manager now delivers greater convenience, security and privacy with the following upgrades:

  • Strengthened Vault Security and Recovery: We notify you if your vault password needs to be strengthened and monitor the dark web for your vault password to help keep your passwords secure. New vault access recovery helps you recover the vault password if it’s forgotten without compromising security. 
  • Improved Password Assessment: Password strength is automatically assessed. If a weak password is detected, it’s now easier to change it to be more complex and difficult to crack. 
  • Easy to Use: A modern look and feel that’s simple to set up and access the most used features from more locations; auto-filling and credential saving options appear seamlessly as you browse the web to provide quick access to accounts.


In addition to Norton Password Manager enhancements, Private Email is now available in Norton AntiTrack on Windows PCs. Private Email improves email privacy by masking your personal email addresses so they’re unrecognisable, and removes hidden trackers often found in sent emails that can be used to gather private, personally identifiable information, including location, device usage, interests and shopping behaviors.

Norton Password Manager is compatible with Windows PC, Mac, Android, and iOS and available as a browser extension on Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, as well as browsers from Gen brands, Norton, Avast and Avira.

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