NBA analysts offer their predictions for the Brooklyn Nets next season

particle for direct object Brooklyn Nets They are one of the most interesting teams in the NBA entering the 2023-24 season as they go from being one of the league’s title contenders the last few seasons to the rebuilding team they are now. Many sportsbooks expect the Nets to have a losing record this coming season.

On a recent episode of the Locked On NBA podcast, Locked On’s Jackson Gatlin rocketand Locked On Nets’ Adam Armbrecht discuss some of the better teams in the Eastern Conference as part of the Stock Hour segment. The point of this section is to see which teams they believe in or don’t believe in if they expect those teams to be worse than last season.

When it came time to talk about Brooklyn, Armbrecht said he’s a “keeper” on the team, meaning he thinks the Nets can still be a playoff team, but he won’t have high expectations. Gatlin, on the other hand, said he is selling his stock in the Nets because he expects them to either go through the playoff mechanics next season or miss the playoffs entirely.

You can see the continuation of this conversation below:

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