Matic and life in Rennes: «I’m a footballer and a taxi driver» – Rennes

Serbian midfielder moved to the French city this summer

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Changing clubs also usually leads to a sometimes radical transformation of the players’ lives, but for Nemanja Matic, the new adventure with French club Rennes seems to be going well. He has already found a home, his children have adapted and he just needs to improve his ability to ‘master’ the language a little, as he himself confesses to ‘Ouest-France’.

“Except for my French, which I have to improve. I’m starting to understand a little, everything is going well”, says the midfielder, who then shared what his routine is like in the Gallic city. “Hectic! I’m a footballer and a taxi driver. I take the children to school and I go to train. I spend all my days in the car!”, he said, laughing.

In the same interview, the 35-year-old Serbian veteran spoke about the derby with Nantes and recalled those great duels he played. “The biggest one I’ve ever played in was Manchester United-Liverpool. It’s a special match in England and is watched all over the world. Manchester United-Manchester City over the last ten years has been a great derby. Chelsea-Tottenham is also It’s a great game, Benfica-FC Porto too. But I think Manchester United-Liverpool is the biggest”.

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