Locked On Mavericks podcast host gives warning about Christian Wood

The Los Angeles Lakers have been rumored to be interested in signing Christian Wood for much of this summer. However, they don’t exactly seem to be in a hurry to obtain the free agent big man.

It is tempting for Lakers fans to want Wood to come to Los Angeles. He’s a proven scorer who averaged 16.6 points a game while making 37.6 percent of his 3-point attempts this past season.

However, he is known as a poor defender, which isn’t exactly what the Lakers need from a big man. They’ve made it clear they’re looking for someone who can play the center position, which requires a focus and commitment to defense and rebounding.

Then there is the issue of Wood’s attitude.

Nick Angstadt, the host of the “Locked On Mavericks” podcast, joined Brian Kamenetzky on the “Locked On Lakers” podcast to discuss Wood. Angstadt was asked what Wood’s biggest problem is, and he said it’s the player’s attitude.

The details he gave sound very concerning.

“The problem with Christian Wood is that in the Anthony Davis games (the games in which he plays alongside or with Davis), he will think he is better than Anthony Davis,” said Angstadt. “He will come in and say, ‘This is my time, this is me and my best skill is shooting, scoring, doing those things and so anytime I get the opportunity I will do that.’ … the problem is he takes you out of your offense a lot and he thinks he should be an All-Star.”

The Lakers have historically been an organization that values players that have character and a good attitude. Although they reportedly have some optimism they could make it work with him, it isn’t easy to imagine a player with Wood’s alleged inflated sense of self-importance doing well on a team with Davis and LeBron James.

Story originally appeared on LeBron Wire

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