Lionel Messi led Miami’s Inter to their first trophy by winning the League Cup over Nashville

    (Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

Lionel Messi He was once again hailed as ‘the best in the world’ by his teammates after his scintillating start to life Inter Miami The club went on to win its first trophy after winning the League Cup over Nashville.

The Argentine opened the scoring with a superb left-footed shot from outside the penalty area before setting up the Miami side on penalties after a second-half strike from Fava Picoult.

After a long shootout, it was Miami who would eventually emerge victorious when Drake Callender’s own penalty save secured a 10-9 victory.

Speaking after the match, Callender said: “It’s such an honor to play a part in our first victory in the final.” “It’s so surreal. So emotional. This team works so hard all day and day out to be able to perform like this on a night like this. To bring it through to the end, it was amazing to see the grit, just believing in what we can do. It’s something special and I’m so lucky to be part of it.”

The victory also served as another reminder of the remarkable turnaround in the team’s fortunes since Messi’s arrival. When he joined rock bottom, the 36-year-old scored 10 goals in just seven games, leading his side on an unbeaten run that saw them claim their first silverware for the club.

Ex Messi Barcelona His teammates – Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets – met the Argentine in Miami, with the latter praising him for his influence on the side.

“The team has infected us with our spirit, our work, our personality and our experience,” said the Spaniard after the match. “We make a strong team and then we have Leo [Messi]which makes a difference because it is the best in the world.

“I am very happy to win our first title in just one month, which is a first for the club. The team is growing by leaps and bounds and we are very happy.”

David Beckham and Lionel Messi embrace after winning (Getty Images)

David Beckham and Lionel Messi embrace after winning (Getty Images)

The result also serves as a vindication of the co-owner David Beckham who spent a long time convincing Messi to transfer and join his MLS team.

“A lot can happen in five weeks,” Beckham joked after the win. “A lot has changed for us, we’re going to have fun tonight and then we have to look to the future and keep building.

“We have some of the best players, if not the best player, in the world there wearing pink. We have a bunch of academy players there too and that’s very important.

“It’s a touching night for all of us. It’s been a long journey for me. It’s been a long journey, I always knew there would be bumps in the road along the way and there were a lot, to be honest. Tonight is a night we’re going to enjoy.”

People ask, “Is this a solution?” And it’s the biggest compliment you can give these guys because it’s like a movie. You watch them play and it’s emotional. Everything about their playing is beautiful.”

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