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If you’re seeking an aerodynamic racquet to use while playing badminton, then we have something that may be just what you need. Manufactured by Li-Ning, this racquet has a head-heavy balance of 302mm and a length of 675mm. It is an excellent racquet that is quite flexible and offers powerful smashes. Without further ado, let’s begin the Li Ning N90 III review.

LI-NING Multi Control N90-III S-Type Badminton Racquet
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LI-NING Multi Control N90-III S-Type Badminton Racquet
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 Li Ning N90 III Badminton Racquet Unveiled

The N90-III boosts a great feel and offers sharp and true attacks. This device has less stiffness compared to the N90 and is less head heavy compared to its predecessor, the N90-II. The N90-II offered an excellent balance between offense and defense.


This racket is highly praised for playing singles. It enables the player to carry out soft blocks and quick flicks across the net, without a lot of difficulties. This is due to the lesser weight together with the special 3D Break Free Technology. It makes singles play more comfortable since the player can make attacks and succeed. The control is great as well.


The N90-III is a head heavy and medium flexed badminton racquet that is packed with loads of technology. It is designed for attacking players. Aerodynamic drag is lessened by 10.5 percent thanks to the 3D Break Free head frame design. The frame is made from carbon fiber. This results in a sturdy and incredible racquet which is suitable for power players.

Key Features of the Li-Ning Multi Control N90-III & Review


1. Weight

Weighting 85-89 grams, this product falls within the 3U category.


2. Color

It comes in black, red and white and is quite shiny.


3. Materials

Military grade carbon fiber has been used in making this racket.


4. String tension

The recommended vertical string tension is between 24-28 lbs whereas the horizontal string tension is 26-30 lbs.


5. 3D Break Free Technology

This racquet features exceptional 3D Break Free Technology that lessens the air resistance by 10.5 percent to give it a more aerodynamic feel. This technology helps the badminton player to achieve quicker smash speeds.


6. Dynamic-Optimum Frame Technology

The Li ning N90 utilizes the Dynamic-Optimum Frame Technology to deliver both outstanding defensive and offensive play moves. Other than increasing the sweet spot based on the isometric head frame, the spot moves upward, and the hitting position goes higher.


The all-rounded optimized design enhances the mechanical formation of the racquet for incredible attack and defense systems. The accurate defense area is extended for effective drop shots and dropping power that burst very quickly. The shooting velocity is significantly higher with enlarged stringing area and improved bounce intensity.


7. Aerotec-Beam System

The frame of this racket from Li Ning features an Aerotec-Beam System that reduces air resistance. It does this while maintaining the intensity of the frame to provide the player with a competitive advantage.


8. Wing Stabilizer Technology

Aerodynamic engineering methods such as the Wing Stabilizer Technology have been utilized to lessen the vibrations and any torsional forces. This is advantageous as it enables the frame of the racquet to recover more quickly thus making subsequent shots more accurate and consistent.


This aviation technology design delivers the Metal Performance Memory and enhances the control on swings. Part of the frame is made of 3G titanium alloy which is very elastic.


The unique metal memory design controls the frame restoration accurately at the instance of deformation and keeps the shake produced from vibrations under control. The anti-torsion effect of strokes is enhanced under cases of high tension and leads to fast, accurate and stable consequent strokes.


9. Bio-Inner-Cone Technology

The Bio-Inner-Cone, which is a flagship technology from Li Ning, helps to enhance the flexibility of the shaft and improves the general feel and control of the device.


As an improvement to the conventional shaft design, Li-Ning has creatively created the cone-shaped racquet shaft design. Moving the bending position of the racquet upwards increases the flexibility, improves the control and allows players to make creative shots easily.


10.MPCF Reinforcing Technology

In addition to the above features, this racquet is also embedded with MPCF reinforcing Technology which a multiple layers of carbon fibers. This technology is useful as it brings more reinforcement to make the racquet stronger and more durable.


The MPCF is combined with a unique nanometer carbon fiber known as TB Nano. This helps to make the racquet stronger without affecting its overall weight.


Multiple layers of carbon fibers plus fantastic handcraft leads to a reinforced excellent racquet with high performance. Carbon fibers are cleverly differentiated in rigidity basing on different angles. As a result, the racquet is completely reinforced by carbon fibers, which adequately improves the strength and durability.


Uniquely created by handwork rather than machine, the racquet has little to no facial folds and minimal stress concentration at the frame bending area.


11. TB Nano Powertec

The utilization of nanometer technology efficiently upgrades the production process in an all-rounded way and therefore breaks the limit in achieving intensity. An excellent, robust, stable and tenacious racquet will allow stronger shots for the badminton player.


The enhanced TB Nanotechnology combines the carbon fibers and resin to a sufficient level naturally. This leads to a different racket with a 20 percent strength.


12. Stabilized Torsion Angle

The stabilized torsion angle is beneficial as it makes the racket highly elastic. It assists in developing high-quality return as the hitting spot deviates from the sweet spot.


Who is best suited for this product?

The Break Free N90-III racket is part of the Li-Ning Mega Power series and is ideally designed for unrivaled power, offense and defense oriented players who want to experience maximum power.


Why is it a highly recommended item?

The N90-iii is undoubtedly a well-made racket that has received good reviews from its users. It utilizes high-quality badminton technologies (3D Break Free technology, Dynamic-optimum frame, Aerotec Beam System, Wing Stabilizer, Bio-Inner-Core, Stabilized Torsion Angle, MPCF Reinforcing Technology and TB Nano Powertec) to deliver a high-performance product.


This racket has a higher balance point which makes it more head heavy while providing incredible shuttle striking abilities. The integration of Li-Ning’s special multi-polymer and carbon reinforcing tech increases extra layers and strength to major sections of the racket.


Improved strength and power of the racket’s shaft together with more reinforced sections make this product one of the most long-lasting, offensive and power packed racket available in the market.



  • Offers sharp and fast swings that enable the player to maneuver the shuttle down at great angles.
  • 3D Break Free frame design reduces the air resistance and moves the head down faster allowing for more comfortable contact zones.
  • Provides incredible accuracy.
  • Very comfortable and allows the player to make creative shots.
  • Backhands are properly executed, and forehands are almost perfect.
  • The design is very stylish which makes the Li-Ning N90-III very attractive.



  • The offense is not that great since the N90-III is lighter, less stiff and less head heavy compared to previous versions.
  • The Li-Ning N90-III doesn’t carry sufficient weight transfer to give adequate explosions during drive shots.


Final Verdict

No doubt, the Li-Ning Multi Control N90-III is a great racquet that offers perfect control. It is roughly 96 grams in weight, has a grip size of G5, slightly head heavy and a bit stiff. It grants excellent defense in singles play. The decreased weight combined with the 3D break free head design makes it easy to swing the racquet around.


You’re much comfortable playing with this device as it gives you control. However, being lighter, having less stiffness and less head heavy than the N90 and N90-II, it doesn’t offer a great offense. However, it performs incredibly by possessing a fast and sharp swing that enables the player to maneuver the shuttle down at admirable angles.


Interestingly, this racquet plays similar to its predecessors, but with its new frame design. It cuts through the air quicker for added head speed. The design is unique and creates a fighting spirit. The design speaks of changed and is meant for intensive attacks for badminton players.


The N90-III is specialized for lasting long with astounding power. The design of the wind blade frame reduces the air drag. This racquet gains more power and unbeatable performance with the use of high power product specifications. The upper frame can bend forward as it hits the shuttle leading to quicker and mega power smashes.


This racquet definitely gets a good control rating because it makes you feel comfortable and allows you to create any shots that come to mind, be it trick swings or creative changes in direction. It gives you the feeling that you can accurately put the shuttle into any container that is placed in the court.


The accuracy it gives is incredible. Several users have said that backhands are super easy to do and forehands are almost perfect while using the N90-III. The look of this racquet is pretty attractive.


It comes in white and red. It not only performs well but looks cool as well. To conclude theLi Ning N90 IIIReview, this is a racquet that you should try if you love to achieve high speed hard smashes on the court.

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