LeBron James calls Michael Jackson while driving

The past few months have been full of stress and turmoil James Lebron.

During the winter, he had to carry incomplete and unbalanced Los Angeles Lakers list, especially when it’s a superstar Anthony Davis He recovered from a stress injury to his right leg. The burden of doing this may have led to James developing foot ailments of his own.

One of those discomforts caused him to miss a month late in the season. During that time, the Lakers were reborn as a championship contender thanks to trades that brought them Roy Hachimura, D’Angelo Russell and Jared Vanderbilt.

They reached the Western Conference Finals, but lost there Denver Nuggetswhich led James to it He suggests that he consider retirement. Fortunately, He confirmed A few weeks ago he will return for his 21st season this fall.

then came Fear of health A few days ago, he involved his son.

But it seems that Big James is still in good spirits. She was rocking and singing along to “This Hotel Place,” a 1980 Jackson 5 song featuring the late Michael Jackson on vocals (h/t cold wire).

The start of training camp still seems a bit far away, but it will arrive in late September. Until then, the man nicknamed “King James” will have plenty of time to sing along to some of the King of Pop’s best songs.

The story originally appeared on LeBron Wire

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