Kowalski leads Horvath by two strokes in Men’s Senior Metro

SOUTH BEND – Kevin Kowalski, the 2019 winner, shot an opening two-over-par 74 Saturday at Elbel Park Golf Course to grab the lead after the first round of the 36-hole Men’s Senior Metro golf championships.

Kowalski had a two-stroke lead over Steve Horvath in the two-day tournament which concludes Sunday at Erskine Park Golf Course. Another four golfers shot 77 — David Krizman, Richard Neher, Michael Robinson and Tell Williams.

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In the group at 79 is former champion Jim Shaw.

Kowalski birdied the 162-yard eighth hole and the 337-yard 12th hole at Elbel Park. His bogeys came at the 150-yard fourth, the 330-yard ninth, the 193-yard 13th and the 173-yard 17th holes.

Horvath’s round included three bogeys on Elbel Park’s front (Nos. 1, 4 and 5), a birdie at the 14thhole but a double bogey at the par-3 17th.


SOUTH BEND – Results after the first round of the Men’s Senior Metro golf championships at the par-72 (36-36) Elbel Park Golf Course:

74: Kevin Kowalski 37-37.

76: Steve Horvath 39-37.

77: David Krizman 40-37, Richard Neher 38-39, Michael Robinson 38-39, Tell Williams 38-39.

79: Nicholas Mark 39-40, Joseph Miller 40-39, Marty Nash 40-39, Jim Shaw 42-37.

80: Brent Curtis 39-41, Alan Smith 41-39, Jim Van Fleit 39-41.

81: Aris Andrews 40-41, Dan Filchak 40-41, Mark Harman 40-41.

82: Craig Eggers 42-40, Jim Fraser 38-42, Kurt Wiseman 41-41.

83: John Forbes 41-42, James Gates 41-42, Kevin Swartz 41-42, Gary Tyler 41-42.

84: Stan Gebo 43-41.

85: Pat King 46-39, Walt Kroll 44-41, James Parker 39-46.

86: Don Bedock 45-41, William Harris 42-44, Jay Leeper 42-44.

87: John Heckaman 47-40.

89: Don Coddens 45-44, Scott Tafelski 44-45.

90: Keith Hodgson 46-44, Jerry Hopkins 47-43, Win Lindner 46-44.

93: Douglas Gale 43-50, Rich Horvath 45-48.

94: Douglas Edison 50-44.

95: Dale Garwood 44-51.

96: David Flock 53-43, Matt McGraw 49-47, Randy Sipress 50-46.

97: Carter Schrader 51-46.

99: Len Buszkiewicz 50-49.

104: Jim Chaney 54-50.

WD: Michael Orr, Mark Swaim, Robert Waldenmeyer

Sunday’s tee times

At par-70 (35-35) Erskine Park Golf Course

9 a.m.: Len Buszkiewicz, Jim Chaney

9:09: Douglas Gale, Randy Sipress

9:18: Walt Kroll, Don Coddens, Jerry Hopkins

9:27: Gary Tyler, Kevin Swartz, Stan Gebo

9:36: Jim Van Fleit, Kurt Wiseman, Jim Fraser

9:45: Steve Horvath, David Krizman, Richard Neher

9:54: Douglas Edison, Dale Garwood, Matt McGraw

10:03: William Harris, John Heckaman, Will Lindner

10:12: James Parker, Pat King, Jay Leeper

10:21: Mark Harman, Aris Andrews, John Forbes

10:30: Marty Nash, Jim Shaw, Alan Smith

10:39: Kevin Kowalski, Michael Robinson, Nicholas Mark

10:48: Rich Horvath, David Flock, Carter Schrader

10:57: Don Bedock, Scott Tafelski, Keith Hodgson

11:06: Dan Filchak, Craig Eggers, James Gates

11:15: Tell Williams, Joseph Miller, Brent Curtis

This article originally appeared on South Bend Tribune: First round of South Bend Senior Metro Golf Tournament at Elbel Park

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