Kari sets a goal for how long he will play, his goal is to be a warrior for life

Kari sets a goal for how long he will play, his goal is to be a warrior for life It appeared first NBC Sports Bay Area

With Steph Curry Set to enter his 15th NBA season, one wonders how long the Warriors superstar plans to play in the league.

in itself Recent appearance on Gilles Arena Podcast.Carey was asked about his ideal timeline and if his projected career length matches it. James Lebronwho is going to be 21 years oldAvenue Season in the NBA

“It’s somewhere in the range, but I never imagined I’d be a fortysomething trying to hang on for dear life,” Carey said. But who knows what my body will look like or feel like at that moment? I have three years left on my contract, at least inclusive, and then I’ll kind of figure it out.

I’m happy to know and hope that no matter how many years I play, I play for a franchise and I’m part of that group of legends that have done that feat and won at the highest level and everything. I never take it for granted either. you got punched [Bryant]’s, magic [Johnson]’s, Dirk [Nowitzki]Tim Duncan, those guys helped create a culture, they won, they did it with different roster combinations and different parts of their careers.

I’m not putting a lot of time out of my contract right now, I just know it gives me 38 and 17 years in the league. “I’m not going out to play golf yet.”

Curry’s stated desire to stay in his career as a fighter is what he told NBC Sports Bay Area’s Monte Poole on a show. Exclusive interview Previous month.

While the exact time frame of Curry’s remaining years in the league remains a mystery, it’s clear that the most likely outcome puts him in the rarefied realm of superstar players who spend their entire careers with one franchise.

When that day inevitably comes, Curry will hold his place as the greatest athlete in Bay Area sports history.

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