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Throughout the years, badminton has gained a lot of popularity. It went from being a family game to a world-class sport with many professional players around the world.

KARAKAL BN60 Badminton Racquet, Black
Price not available
Buy Now(#ad)
KARAKAL BN60 Badminton Racquet, Black
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Buy Now(#ad)


As with many other sports, you need to have the right equipment to perform at your best. Herein, the most critical piece of equipment a badminton player has is the racket. You need to have a racket that suits your style and gameplay so that you can give your 100% in every game. But how do you know if you have the ideal one for you?


There are many different racket models out there, but today we have a product that you may like, regardless if you are an experienced player or a rookie. The Karakal BN60 is one of the best rackets in the market, and there are many reasons why.


We know this can be the ideal product for anyone.And today, you are about to learn why, at the end of this KaraKal BN60 review! Let’s begin!

Why the Karakal BN60?&Review

Karakal never fails to deliver, and the BN60 is no exception. There is no doubt that this is one of the best rackets and we are not exaggerating. Its many features make this a reliable and durable racket that’s perfect for anyone.


The BN in the name stands for Badminton Naturel. It is named like this because of the natural black color it has since it is made from natural graphite. As you may know, graphite is a light material, and because of this, the weight of this racket is 60g (or 2.1 oz), making it one of the lightest models out there.


This model also retracts to its original position faster than other rackets. The graphite gives it ultra-lite handling that allows you to provide a little bit more power to your shots.


And to compensate for the extra force that you could put into it, it has a carbon-gel system that makes sure that the drive is evenly distributed all over the frame, giving the racket a longer useful life.


BN60 is mostly a defensive racket. The light structure allows you to move the head up and down quickly to react to unexpected shots. But don’t let this fool you since it can also get through with a few powerful shots.


There are also a few extras that will sweeten the deal for you. It is already pre-strung when you purchase it, so you won’t have to go through the whole stringing process yourself.


This is just a general idea of why this is one of the best rackets. The many features of it make it a very versatile model as you can see. It can adapt to many play styles, and it will unmistakably give you an edge over your opponent. But there is still more to this racket than we mentioned here. Because of that, we decided to list each of the main features and review them for you.


Ultra-light Graphite Frame

The frame is made out of a single piece of graphite. This material allows the whole frame to retract 10% faster to its original position than usual. It makes it a bit sturdier without sacrificing flexibility. Because of this, this head-heavy oriented racket can be a great piece of equipment for those of you who need to add a little bit more power to your shots.


On the court, the first shots may not be as powerful, but here is where the racket excels compared to other models! Since it is so light, you will be able to follow up with many shots without over-exerting yourself, which may give you a certain advantage in many scenarios. But to every pro, there is usually a con.


Drive shots could become a problem since the weight of the racket may not give you that extra power you need.


Hi-Flex Shaft AllowsExtra Balance for Difficult Shots

When choosing a racket, you need to take into consideration how flexible the shaft is. You should pick a specific flexibility based on how fast you can swing the racket. This model comes equipped with a Hi-Flex shaft that allows you to input more strength to shots since it will take less energy to bend the shaft.


Usually, when your opponent returns a shot with striking power, you have little to no time to put strength on your next swing to respond to it. The fact that the shaft is so flexible can help you with this since you can add more Fmomentum to your shots in a short amount of time.


The only downside of this feature may be the fact that you will have a reduced space to place the shuttle. This may also result in a decreased accuracy since the racket can bend on an angle depending on how you swing it.


Specially Designed Handle &Grip for added comfort

The handle comes with ThumbPrint technology for a more comfortable grip. This allows you to position your fingers better around the stem. You will feel how you can have a secure grip, without straining your hand too much. It is also surprisingly comfortable, which comes in handy in those games that last for a long time.


It also includes a PU Super Grip, one of the lightest grips you can find. With this, you can twist your wrist much faster, giving you a better angle when swinging. You can maneuver the handle easily and smoothly, and this will allow you to do faster movements to get your opponent by surprise.


Extra Features that will Sweeten the Deal

There are a few additional features in this model that are worth mentioning. To begin, this model comes pre-strung with Karakal Pulse 70 strings. This can be a great time saver since you won’t have to worry about how tense you want the strings to be. You could begin playing the moment you get it out of the box.


The carbon-frame system on the frame makes this model a bit more durable since the force is distributed evenly in every shot. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about a cracked frame soon.


Another feature that may be worth mentioning could be that it is shipped with a full cover to protect the racket when you are not using it.


Things We Liked

  • A graphite frame makes this head-heavy model one of the lightest ones on the market
  • The HI-Flex shaft allows you to input more power into your shots without overexerting yourself
  • Its handle comes with ThumbPrint technology on the handle allows you to have a better hand position when grabbing the racket
  • It already comes pre-strung with one of the best set of strings Karakal can offer


Things We Didn’t Like

  • You may experience some problems with your shots at first since you will have a smaller sweet spot due to the flexible shaft
  • The racket is so light that you won’t be able to put that much force on your swing for a drop shot



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How tense should the strings on my racket be?

A: Some people think that a higher tension is equal to more power, but this is not right. Actually, you may feel that you have better control when you have new strings, but not much power. But if you prefer to have power over control, it is better to have them have strung at a lower tension. Lower tensions may give you that extra oomph, but you will definitely lose control.


Q: How much time does it take to restring a racket?

A: It may take around 20 or 30 minutes depending on the experience of whoever is stringing it.


Q: Should I restring an old racket if I don’t want to buy a new one?

A: If the racket is in perfect condition you may restring it. It is essential that there are no cracks in the frame. If there are, it is recommended that you buy a new one.


Q: The string on my racket move out of position, should I change them?

A: If this happens while you are in a game, it may be because you did a slice shot and the force moved the string. You could simply reallocate them with your fingers, and everything should be alright.


Q: How do I choose the correct grip size for my hand?

A: The measurement of the grip is given by a fraction, which is the actual size of the handle in inches. For example, the smallest grip size would be a 4 1/8.



As we mentioned earlier, you should always try to get the best equipment for any sport. If you are perseverant with your training and you dedicate time to practice what you learn, you can exploit every benefit your equipment has to offer.

If you are one of these dedicated users, you will find that the Karakal BN60 can be, without a doubt, one of the best rackets that you can find. In the end, don’t be shy, let us know what your thoughts on the article are! This is so we keep improving just for you.

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