Karakal BN-60 FF Review

Badminton is a great outdoor game to play with your friends and family, but there is a more serious aspect to it. It is a fun sport and a great way to exercise since you will be continuously hitting a shuttlecock across a net with a racket.

Karakal BN-60FF Badminton Racket
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Karakal BN-60FF Badminton Racket
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The main objective is to keep the shuttlecock from falling into your side of the court and to make your opponent drop it on his side.


If you are not familiar with a shuttlecock, all you need to know is that it is not a normal ball. It usually has a hard tip with feathers running down the end of it, so it does not fall as fast when you hit it with the racket.


As you may have already guessed the racket you play with is an important factor in this game. You have to get the right one for you, but there are certain models that are just perfect for anyone. And, they may be hard to find.


Regardless if you are just getting your feet wet on badminton or if you are a seasoned player – we’ve found the ideal model for you!


The Karakal BN-60 FF is one of the best models in the market. It has a lot of excellent features that discern it from other models, But the question arises, is this the right one for you?


Well, to make your life easier, we unveiled this product for you! We gathered some partaking features of it.So you can see how good the Karakal BN-60 gets and how it can help you to one-up your game.

Karakal BN-60 FF Review- Unveiled

One of the biggest concerns when purchasing a racket is to find one that can be light and flexible. One that can also deliver power and accuracy with each swing.


With that said, Karakal designed the BN-60 FF badminton racket to fit this specific need, and they sure did a great job with it.


The Karakal BN-60 FF racket is widely known among badminton players around the world. It is one of the lightest models on the market and can be a great product for both beginner and experienced players. The price range is just right for everyone, and you get a great product that can last for a long time.


The design is simple, but it has a lot of things to it. Before stringing, the frame weighs about 60g, and this can be a game changer as you achieve a greater power swinging without exerting yourself too much. There is a great potential for this product, and it needs someone to uncover all the things you wanna achieve with it.


As you may know, rackets were made from light metals like aluminum, but they were discarded since they were heavy and pricey. Because of that, this model comprises Fast Fiber Graphite that is more flexible and more durable than many other materials.


You have to be comfortable when handling a racket, herein the Karakal BN-60 FF is equipped with Thumb Print technology and a PU Super grip for a more comfortable and firmer grip on the handle.


Plus, you will feel more confident when you swing – thanks to the Thumb Print – since it will help you to better position your finger on the handle.


There is a lot of great features in this model, but we will talk about the significant ones, so you can see the real potential of this racket for you.


Fast Fiber Graphite Makes More Flexible Frame

This model hoards a flexible and durable frame. Thanks to the Fast Fiber Graphite that allows the whole frame to return to its original frame 10% faster than normal. You may think it is an insignificant number, but the reduced tension is very useful on the court since it enables increased power and a firmer swing.


It works very simply; the Fast Fiber Carbon Gel system evenly spreads all the force over the whole frame. The whole piece is manufactured from molded graphite, giving this racket its iconic weight. Thus it is one of the lightest models on the market, weighing only 60g (2.1oz).


More so, you can strike at higher speeds while reducing the efforts. However, keep in mind that because of the lighter construction, the racket can be a bit more fragile than others.


Thumb Print Technology Initiates a Better Grip

The handle comes with a Thumb Print Top Cap for the optimal hand and finger positioning. Therefore, you will have a better grip on the handle when serving. You will feel more confident with your swing, and that will result in a better performance in any scenario. Combined with the Fast Fiber graphite, you can swing this racket with ease.


It is important to feel comfortable when playing. And so, the Thumb Print handle relieves any fatigue you can feel after playing for hours. This makes a great feature since you will be able to play and train for longer times, giving you an edge over your opponent.


Plus, this model has an isometric head which provides a 30% bigger sweet spot. Now, this increases shot accuracy when you are hitting off the center of the racket.


Light Construction Design for Fast Swings

Not only the frame is designed to be extra light!


Overall, the whole racket was designed to be the world’s lightest badminton racket. Additionally, from the Fast Fiber frame, they use a Hi-Flex Precision Shaft for the construction of the racket. And, it provides a great balance when handling the piece.


Also, the handle has a PU Super Grip with lattice airholes that enable a cooler and lighter grip.


Extra Features

This product also has a few extra features that make it stand out from other models. Karakal BN-69FF is already strung when you buy it, so you don’t have to go through the tedious process of stringing the frame. It comes with a 22/23 string pattern strung with a Hot Zone 68 green string that supports a mat tension of 30 lbs.


Since it is such a light model, it can be easy to carry around right? This package also includes a full cover to protect the racket when you are moving around with it.


What We Liked

  • The Fast Fiber frame and the Hi-Flex Precision shaft make this racket one of the lightest models on the market.
  • The flexibility of this racket helps the user to swing faster and with a greater power.
  • You will have a better finger position and a better grip on the handle thanks to the PU Super Grip and the Thumb Print technology.
  • The package includes a full cover protection.


What We Didn’t Like

  • The fact that the frame is so light can be a liability since it means that it is more vulnerable to break.
  • Strings included are usually durable, but there are cases in which they break after a few uses.
  • You don’t have much option when it comes to choosing the color.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How much do my racket has to weight?

A: Well, lighter rackets are recommended for those of you who are beginners in badminton.Whereas experienced players would prefer rackets that weigh between 85g and 90g since they are easier to control.


Q: What is a balance point?

A: It is basically the heavier part of the racket. For example, a higher balance point means that the head of the racket is heavier, but these are not recommended for everyone. Keep in mind that a higher balance point allows you to swing with more power, but they are not easy to control.


Q: How do I know if my strings are tense enough?

A: You could test the tension of your racket by pressing your palm against the strings. If the strings sink more than 1mm, your strings need to be tensed.


Q: When stringing rackets, can I use any kind of strings?

A: You should find the ideal string type for you, you should not buy any random strings.


Q: Are flexible or inflexible rackets better?

A: It mostly depends on how you play. Strong players will find themselves more comfortable with a stiff racket. Again, if you are not used to an aggressive swing, the extra speed that will come from a more flexible racket might come in handy.



The Karakal BN-60 FF is a great option for anyone regardless of your experience under the belt in badminton. It is flexible, but you can still deliver a powerful swing with ease.


As you can see from this review, the goal of Karakal’s designer team was to deliver a reliable and trustworthy racket that anyone can use, and they did just that.


It is comfortable yet perfect for any scenario. Yeah, it may be a bit fragile compared to other models. Still, you won’t regret anything if you purchase this product – chances are high. It can be your perfect grab to get an edge over your opponent.

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