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Luka Jovic (25 years old) arrived at Milan this summer as a last-minute reinforcement for the Rossoneri forward. The Milan fans explored several options to expand their roster of forwards throughout the market, but finally had to accept the arrival of the Serbian-Bosnian since he was left without a place at Fiorentina. A last minute arrival that at the moment does not have the confidence of Stefano Pioli and that is noticeable in his opportunities: 38 minutes spread over two games. In the Champions League debut, against Newcastle (0-0), he was left waiting on the bench.

Luka Jovic has to make a place for himself with goals in an overcrowded forward line like Milan’s. Olivier Giroud, Noah Okafor, Rafael Leão, Pulisic, Chukwueze, and to a lesser extent, Luka Romero, plug him at the front of the San Siro team’s attack. At the moment he has not found his place and in Milan’s last match against Cagliari (1-3) he was not included in the squad due to his usual physical problems. Another obstacle that Jovic has always had and that has prevented him from having some regularity. There is no season in which he is not out for more than a month due to muscle problems.

This irregularity by Jovic has caused a prolonged decline in his market value. Today it is very far from the highest values ​​it had in 2019. Esummer the specialized website Transfer market valued Jovic at €60M, after shining in German football in the ranks of Eintracht Frankfurt. Zidane’s Real Madrid looked at him as Benzema’s substitute and paid €63M. Since then its value has gone downhill without brakes and now that same website values ​​it at €8M. Very low starting price for a 25-year-old international striker with his national team, But Jovic has not finished stringing together several games as a starter.

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