Jordan Love’s baseline is much higher than that of the freshman starter

Packers starting quarterback jordan love he has started only one regular season game in his career and played just 157 regular season snaps. But he’s not your typical freshman starter, as he sat behind the future Hall of Famer. Aaron Rogers for three seasons.

And the Packers expect more from Love than from a typical first-year starter.

Definitely a higher standardsaid Packers left tackle Bakhtiari on The Jim Rome Show, via NFL Media. Ballot Hall of Famer and generational talent and a guy who almost changed the quarterback position and how it’s played. And even the mechanics of even throwing the ball. You can see that for three years and then now, so yeah, the baseline of him for me is much higher.”

Love opened the preseason by going 7-for-10 for 46 yards and a touchdown on Friday night.

“I am very pleased with what I have seen from him,” Bakhtiari said. “And I think he’s also understanding that he’s also not going to be judged by a first-year quarterback, which is great. I think he’s going to be competitive early on. I’ve seen his development in practice. I’m very excited to see that translate into the game, and for him to be able to log into that time and hours of gameplay. And really see how he adapts and corrects himself mid-game and from game to game.”

Love was the last of four quarterbacks drafted in the 2020 first round, after joe burrow, Tua Tagovailoa and justin herbert. He’s the last one to get a chance at him, but the Packers have seen enough to walk away from Rodgers and hand over the keys to Love.

It’s your team and your time now.

“Seeing the growth of [Love’s] The rookie year so far is exponential, and that’s why I’m excited to go see him execute that in a game,” Bakhtiari said. “There are so many little things that fans can’t see or notice happening. The game within the game, if you will. That’s what really excites me for him, and that’s why I definitely don’t see him as a [first-year] offensive player.”

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