Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers delivered some tremendous lines on this week’s ‘Hard Knocks’

Aaron Rodgers' debut with the Jets featured great pitches and some funny dialogue.  (AP Photo/Adam Hunger)
Aaron Rodgers‘s Jets The debut had great pitches and some funny dialogue. (AP Photo/Adam Hunger)

Aaron Rodgers enjoyed a strong debut with the New York Jets in their preseason matchup against the New York Giants this last weekend.

He was greeted with cheers from the crowd at MetLife State before threw a sensational back-shoulder touchdown pass to expand Garrett Wilson in the first trimester. Rodgers finished with 47 passing yards and the touchdown on two possessions.

But perhaps more interesting than his performance (we all know Rodgers is good at soccer) were his banter on the field with teammates and opponents. After Rodgers connected with the catcher Melchior Hardman On a 10-yard play on their second drive, Giants defensive end Jihard Ward gave the Jets’ quarterback a push he didn’t appreciate.

“That was [expletives], brother. That [expletive] Was that it?” Rodgers said. “Show some respect, brother. Come on, what the hell? [expletive] was that? Five fucking steps. I don’t even know who you are, bro.”

Officials had to separate Rodgers and Ward after the play. Coincidentally, Rodgers threw the touchdown pass to Wilson on his next attempt.

Now Rodgers can say he doesn’t know who Ward is, but that doesn’t mean he and Ward haven’t met in the field before. Ward gave Rodgers a better shot last season when the Giants faced the Green Bay Packers in England on October 9, 2022.

‘Cobb lost all his training camp money!’

Rodgers also had no qualms about making fun of his own teammates.

When veteran wide receiver and longtime Packers teammate Randall Cobb When he was called for a blindside hit on Giants linebacker Jameel McClain on the second play of the Jets’ first drive, Rodgers was quick to remind him of the new NFL rules.

Rodgers appears to be fitting in well with his new team just a few months after being traded to New York from Green Bay. But this is preseason and training camp. The Jets still don’t know what they’ll look like during the regular season, especially with a game against the three-time defending AFC East champion. buffalo bills in the Week 1 file.

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