Jayson Tatum reportedly tried to recruit Damian Lillard to Boston. This did not work.

The conventional wisdom from league sources has been that as we get closer to the start of training camp on Oct. 2, The Damian Lillard trade negotiations will begin to gain attention. Miami will increase its offer, a third team will be found for it Tyler HerroAnd Portland will drop their asking price a bit and a deal will be done. it’s an A very different atmosphere than anything James Harden, Lillard isn’t trying to be a distraction.

However, the longer this period lasts, the more likely a third team will be in the mix. For example, reports Mark Spears Jayson Tatum Tried to recruit Lillard to Boston, something Speaking to Oregon native Bill Oram on the Sports by Northwest podcast, Spears said. (Hoopshype hat tip)

He has such a military basketball mentality. He wants to work. Also, the consistency of the organization, winning, like they’ve been to the finals seven times since 2006? Obviously Bam. [Adebayo] and Jimmy [Butler] It helps, no government tax helps, the sun helps. And I think at 33 years old, he’s looking at the landscape out west and he’s like, “Mmm… do it with me? So you don’t make that move unless it’s definitely a calculated risk. And I know that Boston, I know that Jayson Tatum has called him, try to reach him, but his focus is definitely on Miami.

For the record, trading Lillard to Boston was always the way to go. Portland wanted Jaylen Brown Before he signed his extension, Boston could instead offer a combination of several first-round picks plus a pick Malcolm Brogdon, Robert Williams III And Peyton Pritchard. None of this seems likely.

Spears also said he expects a deal to be reached between the two sides From the pioneers and heat

that’s mean
The deal that everyone is waiting for. That’s what Lillard wants, and superstar players usually get their way, that’s what the Heat want, and Portland doesn’t want the distraction and media circus that Lillard will create in training camp while the Trail Blazers try to move this team. to be Scott Henderson Evening. Everyone has to compromise a bit, but a deal is possible.

Just know that other teams are lurking, and if things drag on… maybe Tatum will get another call.

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