Jayson Tatum links up with Paul Pierce for another offseason workout

Jayson Tatum links up with Paul Pierce for another offseason workout It appeared first NBC Sports Boston

Jayson Tatum It has already broken a number of Paul Pierce’s franchise records. But that hasn’t stopped The Truth from working Boston Celtics The star of this offseason

The Celtics released a video on social media Monday showing Tatum and Pierce teaming up for a stability drill in which they roll a medicine ball back and forth on one foot.

This isn’t the first time Tatum and Pierce have linked up this offseason. Tatum In late August, he posted a video on Instagram which featured a short clip of Pierce watching Tatum practice on the court.

“Watching JT sharpen their tools and see what greatness looks like,” Pierce says in the video.

NBA stars often work out with players from other teams during the offseason, but Tatum seems to be spending a lot of time with current and former Celtics this summer. She He was also spotted working out with teammate and fellow All-Star Jaylen Brown In late August

Tatum has a lot to learn from Pierce, a 10-star basketball Hall of Famer who helped the Celtics win their last championship in 2008. Few know better than Pierce what it’s like to be a consistent star in Boston. Expectations are high, so maybe he can pass on some wisdom to Tatum that can help the young star lead the Celtics to a 18th banner in his sixth NBA season.

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