Jayson Tatum called Damian Lillard to trade him to the Celtics

Report: Jayson Tatum called Damian Lillard to trade him to the Celtics It appeared first NBC Sports Boston

The Damian Lillard sweepstakes seems to be a one-horse race, but apparently it didn’t stop. Jayson Tatum from his gunshot

After Lillard Requested a trade from the Portland Trail Blazers Earlier this season, the Celtics star reached out to the veteran point guard to try to sell him on coming to Boston, according to Andscape’s Mark Spears. said Wednesday on The Oregonian’s “Sports By Northwest” podcast.

I think at 33 years old, (Lillard) is looking at the prospect of the West and it’s like, I think my chances are better going out of the East, and if Miami can go to the Finals without someone like me, what can they do? With I? So, you don’t make that move unless it’s definitely a calculated risk.

And I know that Boston — I know that Jayson Tatum has reached out to him, try to reach him, but his focus is definitely on Miami.

The Heat are the clear frontrunners to land Lillard, as far as The NBA sent a memo to all 30 teams After Lillard’s agent reportedly told interested teams that his client only wanted to play for Miami.

The Celtics may have one of those teams interested He reportedly inquired about Lillard in early July. Lillard has also been close with Tatum since being teammates with USA Basketball at the 2020 Summer Olympics (played in 2021), so it’s no surprise that Tatum at least Tried to lure Lillard to the Celtics.

While Lillard to Boston was at least a possibility earlier this summer – the Celtics have yet to pull it off. Jaylen Brown A supermax extension and gain Kristaps Porzingis Via Trade – The Lillard “dream” is practically dead at this point, and it looks like he’ll join the Heat (or stay in Portland) before the regular season starts.

Good news for Boston fans? Tatum seems fine with his current situation.

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