James Harden hinted that he could play in China for a year at the end of his career

James Harden has been talked about for a few weeks now He has talked about where he will play next season. Philadelphia? His favorite destination of Los Angeles Clippers? The third team that jumps into the picture? What is not in question is his jump to a new league next season, the CBA prevents that.

However, a few years from now, Harden might be open to playing a season in China. That’s what he told Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

“Every time I come here, love is just like…crazy, you know what I mean?” He said. So I feel they deserve to see me play here. … Love here is always crazy.”

That doesn’t mean Harden will play in China next season as a way to push Year 76 Daryl Murray trade him. Harden opted out of the final year of his contract and is under contract with the 76ers for this season, he cannot sign anywhere. Furthermore, under the terms of the CBA, a player in the final year of his contract who extends more than 30 days is considered out of contract and cannot sign with any other professional team anywhere in the world. (even after the end of the season).

Harden will play in the NBA next season. Somewhere in a few years, could he jump to China for a season if his salary compares favorably with NBA offers? Maybe. A Chinese team might come and pay a lot of money for him.

It’s James Harden, so anything is possible.

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