Howard Beck says the Brooklyn Nets could be interested in James Harden

since Brooklyn Nets The deal was made Kevin Durant And Kyrie Irving At the trade deadline last season, they showed the rest of the NBA that they were done with the superstar era and ushered in a new one. Mikal bridges And Nick Claxton. Or, were they?

In one of the last episodes of the programclap your handspodcast, NBA expert Howard Beck recently discussed the teams that are already interested in Philadelphia 76ers superstar James HardenAs Los Angeles Clippers, or are expected to be interested in him. Beck said the Nets could be interested in Harden.

To many in the NBA space, including Nets fans, this sounds like something out of a science fiction novel. After things ended for Harden and the Nets in the 2021-22 season, which led to his trade to Philadelphia. Ben Simmons In the first place, it seems almost impossible for Brooklyn to trade Harden at this point.

This story first appeared on Netwire

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