Taking care of your badminton rackets should be your top-most concern if you don’t want to ruin your game. On top of that, proper maintenance of the racket will prevent possible injuries too.

The ways to take care of a badminton racket are not rocket science. You have to follow some simple steps to get things done. However, performing regular maintenance is crucial.

In this write-up, I’m going to list down some easy steps on how to maintain and take care of a badminton racket.

Without any further ado, let’s get started.

How to Maintain and Take Care of Badminton Racket – Few Dead Simple Steps

String Care

One of the most common reasons for racket damage and shoulder injuries is the high string tension. The recommended string tension range varies depending on the player’s level. Meaning, the recommended string tension of the beginner is not the same as the recommended string tension of an intermediate or an advanced player.

Here is the list of correct string tension range recommendation for different levels of badminton players

  • Beginners – 17 to 20 lbs.
  • Intermediate players – 20 to 24 lbs.
  • Advanced players- 24 to 27 lbs.
  • Professional badminton player- 27 lbs to 30 lbs.

Stringing the racket following the above recommendation will ensure the racket’s durability as well as will help to perform better.

Restringing is another action you should take into consideration seriously. Depending on the frequency of use, you should consider restringing the racket as the strings get loose over time. It’s better if you restring it every second week if you tend to play daily.

Don’t wait for the strings to break before you change them. If you see any sign of breakage, change them immediately. Otherwise, it will damage the frame sooner or later.

Minimize Poor Handling

Poor handling is another reason for racket damage, and you should be aware of this fact. Don’t bang the racket on the ground when you get frustrated. You should even consider not touching the ground with the racket every now and then during any of the shots.

To protect them, you can use protection tape that is used to safeguard tennis rackets. It keeps the racket from scratches, hence makes it durable.

Avoid Direct Heat

You must not keep the racket under direct sunlight for long. It’s because the extreme heat will make the Graphite and high modulus of the racket melt. Eventually, the shape will change. The strength and durability of the racket will be reduced as well.

The idea is to keep the racket in a cool and dry place.

Sometimes a lot of players tend to leave it on in the car in a hot summer. Generally, the vehicle becomes too hot at times because of the extreme temperature in the summer if it’s a bright sunny day. Consequently, the Carbon molecules, Graphite, start melting, and the shape gets distorted.

Taking Care of Grommets

Taking care of grommets is another crucial step you must consider to keep the racket usable for long.

If you are wondering what the grommets are, they are the black cylinders you see placed around the frame. Through the grommets, the string passes.

As they are cushioning the racket strings and the racket frame, you must have to replace the broken grommets immediately. Otherwise, the string and frame will be compromised.

You can either replace them or repair them depending on the condition.

Changing the Grip Regularly

Generally, rackets come with a base grip. Ideally, you should change the base grip every 2 to 3 months to maintain a good grip between your hand and the badminton racket.

If you play in humid conditions or you sweat a lot, consider using towel grips, and don’t forget to change on a regular basis.

The racket grip can be of two types – synthetic grips, towel grips.

Synthetic grips look pretty similar to leather grips, and they last longer than their towel counterparts without getting wet or smelling.

If you see the grip is not fitting correctly, consider changing it immediately. Changing the grip tape when it’s required is also an essential task.

Bag it Up

Storing the racket carefully in racket bags is crucial. The durability of badminton rackets depends on how well and separately you keep inside the bag.

There should be a separate racket compartment inside the bag. You should not keep it mixing other badminton accessories or your regular carrying stuff.

Keeping it in a damp place will create a negative impact, too, and eventually kill it over time.

So, mostly you have to consider two factors here –

1) Avoiding a casual backpack and using a dedicated racket bag that ensures maximum cushioning and offers a separate racket compartment.

2) Keeping it in a separate compartment avoiding the other accessories contact.

One of the biggest enemies of common damage is corrosion. It’s directly involved in the wear and tear of it. Using a high-quality waterproof badminton racket cover is vital to keep it from corrosion.

Paint it

If you are using a steel racket, it’s pretty evident that the paint will begin to chip at times. Or when you play doubles, there is a possibility that two rackets will clash. When the racket clashes, the paint chips.

Whenever you see paint chips, consider recoating them to ensure a better life span of the racket frame. Although paint chips don’t do too much racket frame damage, it’s more of an aesthetic factor for sure.

Final Words

Badminton racket maintenance is something you can’t deny by any means. Taking proper care of the racket frame, string, grip, grommets, etc., on a regular basis can save your precious rackets and save money in the long run.

No matter if you are using a cheap one or an expensive one, and also regardless of the level of your skill, you must do the maintenance right.

Here I tried to discuss some points on how to take care of a badminton racket in the simplest way possible. If you think I should include some other vital issues here, please let me know in the comment box.

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